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Mathew Johnson is one of my favourite artists. He is a multi talent and can create and play wonderful ambient type productions and sets, mixing in disco type of sounds, to Electro, Tech House and also beautiful techno tracks and performances.

Originally from Vancouver Canada, Mathew setup his home base in Berlin Germany, Europe's number one electronic dance music hot spot. He collaborates with some of the great artists we know in the dance scene, like Sebastian Mullaert (also know from Minilogue), Martin Buttrich, The Martinez Brothers (known from Circo Loco and DC10 at Ibiza), Steve Rachmad / Sterac (the number one electro/techno artist of The Netherlands) and many more. You may also know Mathew as Cobblestone Jazz, a format and brand he uses to bring live acts to the dance floors.

From early this century, Mathew is active in producing, and mostly concentrates on smaller projects resulting in 12 inch records. His last long album "Her Blurry Pictures" is from 2013 and that one I share with you today. More music you can find in the links under "more Music".

In addition I also share with you one of his most recent interviews published just 2 days ago; a very interesting one to watch, if I may so myself :)

  • Artist: Mathew Johnson
  • Album: Her Blurry Pictures
  • Style: Electro / Tech House
  • Year: 2013

Mathew Johnson - Her Blurry Pictures (2013)

Mathew Johnson - Interview - Roland Boutique TR-08 & SH-01A (2017)


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Now I am listening to Matthew Johnson and enjoying all morning! Thank you for bringing to our attention: Upvoted and followed!

I'm glad you lie Mathew Johnson! He is one of my favourites for a long time already.

Nice and informative post!

Thanks, hope you like the music as well.

@massivevibration will resteem all @qsounds posts because we are huge fans of your music taste

Thank you so much @massivevibration! I love your work and continuous support!