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Those who follow me know by now I have a weak heart for Burning Man, this massive festival in the desert of California. Every year around September timeframe a whole city is erected from the ground up. And after the festival finished, everything is torn down again leaving behind an empty desert again, as if nothing happened other then what nature does.

I never made it to this festival, but plan to go there for sure! I really want to get the experience myself; It is simply unique!

Art! Music! ...and the best of all: ...SHARING... MONEY is to be left at home, since there is simply no possibility to buy drinks, food, and other products with hard cash or bank/credit cards. It is all about sharing!

One of the stages I'll likely spend quality time, is ROBOT HEART. I've heard some really good set recordings from this stage, and share with you another one.

YokoO is born French, Australian at heart and lives in Berlin Germany. His style to Deep House is one I like, it has energy and it is dynamic. From Resident Advisor (source):

As a DJ, YokoO embraces the dancefloor with a dynamic and honest approach sparking it up with forward thinking music every time. When you see him play, you can see a genuine love for what he is doing and that naturally feeds back to his audience, fuelling energy and the fever of the dancefloor. The warm melodies work with the heavy basslines to create a unique sound that is deep but still pumping enough to get a party started . . . and going way passed sunrise.

The recording I share with you is a perfect one to run through your sound system this weekend, while relaxing and chilling.

Artist: YokoO
Set: Burning Man
Year: 2016
Country: France







Resident Advisor



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Hey bro!
I went to Burning Man in 2007 and played a couple of sets there!
It's truly an incredible experience! You must make it happen and experience it for yourself! You'll just love it!
I actually have an incredible and funny story (well, hundreds about burning man really) of my experience of getting to Burning Man that I put into a hilarious, storytelling song. I'll post the tune up soon so you can have a groove and a giggle to it.
Blessings :)

Would love to hear the song. But when you can find some time somewhere, create posts with your stories about Burning Man. We have too little experience posts on Steemit, and I think we should have them more, since Steemit is in essence a writing platform, and I like to see all aspects of music being developed here. No music is predominately openmic, and DSound/DTube uploads or simply soundcloud/youtube shares.

Sweet as! I shall do, mate!
I also love writing, when time permits, so I'll collate some stories together and post them. Who knows? Maybe some people will be inspired to head out to Black Rock City and discover (or uncover) themselves on the Playa.