Qrittix - Got it (original mix) OUT NOW!!

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So today my second comeback track is out now on spotify, bearport, itunes and more!
I have been through a rough time last year and decided ro lay down producing for a bit.
I could get inspired no more and the fire was just gone.
Recently i have been in a heavy car accident that has permanently injured my back.


On the 28th of october i was standing infront of a redlight waiting for it to turn green.
While i was waiting i was checking my navigation because i was on my way home from just signing a contract at my new job.
I heard annoice behind me so i looked in my rearview mirror.
I saw a car speeding towards me and noticed the driver wasnt looking up.
She was looking at her phone..
I notices her speed and hownclose she was and at that moment i already knew i was going to get hit.
So i braced myself and stepped on the break to try and avoid hit the car infront of me when i would have got hit.
And then it happend at a speed of at least 30mh i got hit.
Right away there was a sharp pain in my back.
The driver came up to my car and opened my door.
I thought she was going to check on me but she just stood there for 10 seconds and then walked away and started phoning friends about what had just happend.
It took another 15 minutes before some ran over to dail 911.
I got picked uo by an ambulace and rushed to the hospital. There they found out that my spine was ok so i thought i was ok..
Then they said there was nerve damage and it could take a few weeks for that to recover.
After a few weeks tye pain got worse and i decided to go see the doctor again.
A long series of research followed without clear answers so my doctor got me into recovery therapy.
Had to wait for nearly a month before i finaly got the intake and 3 weeks ago i got the news from then i will never heal again and i will have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. The nerves where damaged so servere they won't heal again.
Probably will never be able to walk without suport for more then 100 meters.
On pain meds for the rest of my life..
I will never be able to get a normal job again.

This got me thinking since i will never have my normal life back again.
What can i do to at least try and live an as normal life as possible.
So i fired up my computer and i decided to try and see where i got.
And so Glitch was born.
I felt that urge to start again and i decided to go back to my roots. Leave behind the era of piano ballads for now and focus on what it all started with.
Good old edm!
My plan now is to release a full album in the course of this year.
And i want to take you all on that journey.
Are you with me?

Here is my new release Got it:




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dang dude sorry to hear that. Music will always be there for you though, and I hope it helps you deal with this. Sending you love and healing vibrations <3

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