Advantages/Disadvantages of FL Studio?

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Many beginner producers ask the benefits to some DAWs that make them better than their competitors, having used only FL Studio, these are the things that you should be aware of if choosing this software. FL Studio’s uniqueness stands by its very accesible piano roll, along with its browsing racks.

Most Daw’s don’t have this, piano roll, for those of you that don’t know, allows you to play samples in different notes almost immediately, pitching down samples by key. This is really helpful to those who are not proficient in sampling but want to give it a try. This also means that it’s easier to lay down notes that have different pitch values over the course of a section. Making it easier to be creative when it comes to laying percussions.

The disadvantages are that in terms of automation, FLStudio would be one of the worse at handling. It’s quite sluggish, compared to the other DAWs such as Ableton, hence most electronic producers pick Ableton over FL Studio, while hiphop Producers generally use FLStudio for it’s simplicity.

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thanks for this post, I'm a regular FL producer and I feel this is the best thing for me, even if you're saying it's not as used by most electronic producers, remember Avicii used this as well.

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