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This is part 4 of my guitar blog. Here are links to the previous parts

1 C Major Jam
2 Intervals
3 Play C in Open Position

Forging ahead with C major!

Now if we play form C to C (C D E F G A B C) we just played the scale, however, what happens when you change the start and end point in the scale? We end up with modes.

Here are the modes of C major

Mode 1-C D E F G A B C , this mode is called Ionian
Mode 2-D E F G A B C D , this mode is called Dorian
Mode 3-E F G A B C D E, this mode is called Phrygian
Mode 4-F G A B C D E F, this mode is called Lydian
Mode 5-G A B C D E F G, this mode is called Mixolydian
Mode 6-A B C D E F G A, this mode is called Aeolian
Mode 7-B C D E F G A B, this mode is called Locrian

Modes - Let's play them all in 1 guitar exercise

[Ex 1 lets play modes] (


For fun here is a modal jam with Chords
Em Am D G7 C B7 (which is the theme of Rio Ancho by Paco De Lucia).
First I play the chords, and loop the sequence with Boss RC 300. Then I play G scale to improvise over it.

[Jam on Rio Ancho theme] (



Wow! Nice one, I love guiter but I play a little of the piano, I think I should start a class on how to learn the guitar as well.
Tnx for sharing this great piece of I formation. Happy money making as you Steem!

Thank you for the comment. Yes everyone should play guitar! If you have any questions comments or suggestions feel free to let me know!

I always wanted to learn to play the guitar ... I do not know why I did not succeed.
I'm new at STEEMIT.
I would be very happy if you would support me so that I could move forward. Thanks!
If I can, I'll gladly support you too, let me know how you want me to do it.

The good news is it is never too late to start again guitar. That's why i am making these videos. Perhaps someone will get something out of them. Post a video of you playing the subject and you will get my upvote for sure! All the best.

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