New Year's Guitar Improv - In the style of Steely Dan.

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Hello Everyone!

Happy new year Steemit ! I hope everyone had a great day at new year's eve , got some foods and choco cake and all the good stuffs. Well , year 2019 just started and while being a mess and not doing many things I always say I would do when a new year starts the only thing I think i somewhat keep constant is grabbing my guitar and practicing some more , the never ending journey of finding new sounds and trying to get a little better at this 6 string mess I got myself into .

I am a big fan of Steely Dan's music but specially their interesting chord progressions , while sounding somewhat simple they are quite tricky to play over , they have hybrid chords and some tricky changes here and there but without sounding too jazzy . So in order to somewhat make sense improvising over these it's important to find the balance between the two worlds , keep it bluesy but remember to follow the changes and add certain flavor here and there.

No wonder why Steely Dan always had some of the best players around!

This is the backing track I used for this:

Oh, I really recommend you listen to the last guitar player Steely Dan had for many years : Jon Herrington. One of the coolest players around today, I'll leave you an interview that I found really fun:

Just that for today! little quick post to start the year! I've been a little less active during the holidays, hope tu pick up the pace a little more in the following days

Happy new year!

Signing off!


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I like it, it' s a nice improv!


Hey ! thank you very much for stopping for a listen! :) Happy new year!

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