My First Recording - The first Demo I ever made.

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Hello Steemit!

Yesterday while playing chess with @paintingangels at (It's your move now... i'm waiting....) I stumbled upon this veeery old demo .. maybe 15 years old or so of what I recall is my first recording experiment :p ! It was such a surprise to find it lurking around in my files , I usually keep recordings of almost everything because you never know when you find ''the missing part''.

As my teacher says: "Music sometimes comes in a direct download and sometimes in a very crappy torrent'' ... and I find it funny but SO true!

I think I was around 15 years old when I did this... with no previous experience on how to record anything... just by lurking around some webpages on a very slow dial-up connection! ... I somehow got my hands on the Cakewalk Audio Pro software and one of those old school computer microphones, from an IBM computer that was in my grandpa's house.. it was the ''office computer''.

Such Pro Gear!

I remember HOW COOL IT WAS to see that I could layer a guitar on top of another... this was a world changing experience... before I knew I could edit , add FX , anything.. I could just put a rhythm and If my timing was ok enough I could play something on top! ....mind blown.

So... this was the little experiment that came out of it, just messing around with an old nylon acoustic of my big brother Jose Antonio:

I remember feeling so proud of this little recording .. that I had layered 3 guitars ... it was like the coolest thing ever for me at that time!

Years went by and I gained a lot more experience in recording and everyday I learn a new trick.. I remember at that time handling 3 tracks was crazy... now my sessions go into 20-40 tracks easily ( on a full blown production that is ) .

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.02.33 PM.png

One of my more modern productions...

How does the session above sound? Oh yes.. that is actually a @meno song I produced , recorded and edited... I'm still learning how to mix properly.. that's my next goal.. this was mixed by Sergio Vivar .. just about 90% of the things I produce are mixed by him:

I then ventured to emulate different styles as I started sessioning as a recording musician and went on a recording journey with different projects , learning something from each one of them:

Nowadays I am venturing into a new DAW for me thanks to @hedac : Reaper. As he develops some very cool scripts for it and I must say it is slowly driving me away from Pro Tools , you should reaaaally check them out:

I really hope he writes some tutorials for his scripts as not everyone is lucky enough to DM him like me hahaha :P but I will try and share some of the uses I have for them on later posts!

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.18.30 PM.png

The HedaScripts in action in my latest production... not giving away what it is yet.. ;)

Well.. that's my little post for today ! I wanted to share a little of my production journey.. it is always nice to hear old stuff to remind you how you have evolved as a musician over the years.. In my case , i wasn't expecting to be heading more into the production side of things!

What was your first recording? Any memories of it? Or maybe you have a recording hiding around somewhere :) . I'd love to hear some stories from you!

Thanks for reading and listening!

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seems like you are very expert in video editing can you reffer me best software for this operation


Hello @lays .. actually I'm more into audio editing , I'm very basic with video but I use either the built-in video engine on Pro Tools or in Logic Pro for that ! just to sync audio to image .. i don't know about FX , filters and such at all :P

I can understand your feeling of being so proud and happy about your 3 tracks project :) when we had very limited resources we didnt stop because we could see the potential. Now we can mix hundreds of tracks with so many effects and there are so much overload of possibilities that it is actually more difficult to choose options than when we dreamed about what we have now. But it is fun and worth it hehe.

Wow thank you for mentioning my scripts. I am glad you find them useful and I am proud of you for converting to REAPER ;)


hahahahahaha yessss... I wish I had that session .. and see what I did.. I remember also doing some experiment sessions with a little USB interface that was just a guitar plug on one side and a USB on the other.. I did some electric recordings with that... all very raw and did not know how to edit at all.

Crazy that now we are handling 50 tracks at once .. but then ..having 3 - 4 was crazy for me hahaha.

Your scripts are ninja @hedac .. thanks for sharing them with me :) ( psst.. do some tutorials ) and an ''FX burner'' ... haha.. no .. not the freeze.. an actual Bounce in place with FX... maybe there is one.. but I haven't seen it :P !

Your first recording sounds great.

I used to dream of a 4-track cassette recorder years ago, but never got one. I only really started recording more recently on a PC. That makes it much easier. I'm still learning the basics, but I was quite pleased with this one. It's still important to start with good performances and get a good sound.


Thanks @steevc , I totally agree.. a good performance comes first as there is also that myth of ''we'll fix it in the mix'' that can be a double-edged sword.. we can correct many things but not do miracles hahaha! I would like to try and make an all-analog recording on some little machine.. how that limitation would work with me.. it would be a cool experiment ! What software are you using btw?

Yay Pechi... Yayyyy! Caña!
Te voy a dar un knock knock lol 🎸
Y gracias por la mención a @hedac ya me ha pedido que le ayude a hacer algún tutorial


Jejejejeje gracias pris! yo creo que sus scripts deberian ser mas conocidos! son muy utiles!! ninja @hedac .

Cookies para ambos :)

The song you did for @meno sounds great! I definitely need to get better at my production skillz. I've been using an 8-track and doing straight analog recordings because I don't have any software to mix or anything D:


Oooh... analog recording is a whole other beast! ... My first recording experience was already at a computer.. so I kind of went to the digital side very early on.. though Sergio ( my mixing engineer/business partner ) just bought some analog summing machines and stuff... he is quite in love with the magic of analog mixing now... I still do the editing in the computer though hahaha... a mix of both worlds!


My first album was digital, but I wasn't the one doing the recording/mastering or anything. Unfortunately (for me, anyways) I haven't reached that level of professionality with any of my recordings since. D:




hahahahaha! Thanks Lilly .. yep.. 15.. I'll be 30 this Halloween ... (yup .. I want a scary cookie that day ) ...

Starts looking for cookies


Finds none

Nice! What resources did you use to learn Logic Pro?


sorry for the late response ! :P ... I learned logic by messing around with it and some online tutorials ! for Pro Tools i did buy a book called ''Pro Tools 101'' that covers the basics.. and for Reaper... ----> @hedac ;)

Nice! What resources did you use to learn Logic Pro?