I have now submitted 21 songs for the Open Mic Family! - My Experience so far.

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Hello Steemit!


My view right now :)

I haven't been a 100% active on Steemit for the last couple of weeks since I am in ''vacation mode'' (though not completely :p) and for the last week I've been staying on the countryside, just getting disconnected from the general city chaos before going back to Buenos Aires, so I've been having less activity over here and have barely been online on Discord. I'll be back though!

As I uploaded my last Open Mic video I realized it was my 21st entry! Of course I am counting the Open Mic songwriter's challenge since I kept that separate. For those 7 weeks ( didn't make it to the last week... so close) I uploaded 2 songs instead of one. What can I say .. It has been an incredible experience so far and it has pushed me to new places as a musician!

Why you say? I've been playing for quite a while now but I've always been a sideman, I have played with numerous bands and artists but never with the main point of focus directed to me, even less when I turned into the producing side of things. The idea of performing and singing for people got me nervous, just like when I was starting out!


Performing like this is new territory to me! Last year was the first time I performed my own music for an audience... quite an experience!

One of the first things my brother @meno told me to do as soon as I got into Steemit was to follow @luzcypher , @pfunk ,@krystle and @soundlegion and join the open mic. Then I met @verbal-d and @passion-ground ( he became a judge shortly after a joined). I've never talked to @jessamynorchard but I know she is one of the open mic heroes ;). I very reluctantly uploaded one of my songs (since I don't consider myself a serious singer , even worse at my first entry... Im a bit more confident now haha) just to ''see what happens'' . That entry was for week#56 with my song ''Cancion de Otoño'' with lyrics from @vera.carla and I was extremely surprised with the great support I got from the community, that entry was rewarded around 100SBD and I couldn't believe it!

That support fired me up to keep on composing and sharing my music and I have been uploading music week by week since then and now I've hit more than 20 entries :) ! I've made it to 2nd place and 5th place with two of my entries and I am extremely grateful to everyone in the Open Mic community for their great support and "family-like" encouragement . Since then I've been very active in scouting new musicians and I'm happy that my friends are also doing very good with their own music here ( you know who you are ;p ).

It's been a nice musical journey so far and I hope I can share my experience once I hit 50 or a 100 songs! I'm not planning on stopping! So , not to make this post too long, I'd like to share you this Open mic journey so far!

1. Steemit Open Mic Week# 56 ''Canción de Otoño'' - (P.Mena/C.Vera)

2. Steemit Open Mic Week# 57 ''Perder'' - (P.Mena)

3. Steemit Open Mic Week# 58 ''Dicen'' - (P.Mena)

4. Steemit Open Mic Week# 59 ''Recuerdos de Infancia'' - (P.Mena)

5. Steemit Open Mic Week# 60 ''Lejos'' - (P.Mena/C.Vera)

6. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 1 ''La Rambla'' - (P.Mena)

7. Steemit Open Mic Week# 61 ''Siento'' - (P.Mena/C.Vera)

8. Steemit Open Mic Week# 62 ''Amapola'' - (Juan Luis Guerra)

9. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 2 ''Navegante'' - (P.Mena)

10. Steemit Open Mic Week# 63 ''Mapa Tesoro'' - (Nico Ibarburu)

11. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 3 ''Reflejos'' - (P.Mena)

12. Steemit Open Mic Week# 64 ''Infinitas Veces'' - (Nico Ibarburu)

13. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 4 ''La Rueda'' - (P.Mena)

14. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 5 ''Orillas de Soledad'' - (P.Mena)

15. Steemit Open Mic Week# 65 ''Alas de Polvo'' - (P.Mena)

16. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 6 ''Momentos'' - (P.Mena)

17. Steemit Open Mic Week# 66 ''Mandolín'' - (Gustavo Pena)

18. Steemit Open Mic Songwriter's Challenge Week# 7 ''El Faro'' - (P.Mena)

19. Steemit Open Mic Week# 67 ''El Reloj'' - (P.Mena)

20. Steemit Open Mic Week# 68 ''September'' feat. Gabriel Garcia - (Maurice White, Al McKay, Allee Willis.)

21. Steemit Open Mic Week# 69 ''Si te escucho cantar'' - (Nico Ibarburu)

Thank you Open Mic Family for starting up musical journeys for a lot of us!

Let's keep this awesome community growing!

Pechiche Mena

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WOW that's quite an achievement!

I've managed 2 so far :-)


Thank you very much @atomcollector! I hope to see your entries then! I guess your atomcollector webpage must take most of your time ;) .I lurked around the music you have in there and found some cool stuff ! it's a very nice iniciative. I just registered as 'pechichemena' there! Cheers!

good job pechiche! Keep up the good work ;) You are a wonderful musician and you have such a way with words. Although I can only read the translations, your poetry always shines through so beautifully. x


thank you very much @basilmarples ! You indeed are one of the ''big guys'' in the Open Mic community , I love your entries ! Once I get back to Buenos Aires I'd like to set a collab with you! I've been practicing my zombie tree voice! hahaha.


haha! nice! That sounds exciting :) I would love to collaborate

This is a great collection of music and shows your talent as a player, singer, and composer. I'm so glad you found the Open Mic community on Steemit and found your home here. Look forward to hearing you play for many more weeks to come.

The picture of the cabana in the jungle reminds me where I live in the Riviera Maya. Beautiful.


Thank you very much for your words and support @luzcypher! But most of all thanks for creating this home for all the Open Mic family! It is indeed my favorite place to hang around here in the Steemit world! I'll try to keep improving my game as the weeks go by , and most important , keep sharing and having fun !

I went to Mexico like 10 years ago but only to San Carlos beach in Sonora , I have family over there. I hope I can make another trip to Mexico in the not so far future, this picture is from Manglaralto in Ecuador. A very nice and quite place near the coast. I guess where I feel most at home is near some sea water :)

Awesome reflections, Pechiche! You've built quite a beautiful set of music here, brother! NICE!


Thank you my brother! @passion-ground ! You sure have encouraged me a lot to keep going my friend! So I have to give you a huge thanks for that! For the continuous support I am extremely grateful to you bro! Cheers!

bravo maestro!


Thank you very much @gibber ! Cheers!

really nice performances and well done in the competition, you are an inspiration to newbie and veterans alike.


thank you very much for your kind words @kryptoe! cheers :)