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Ian Antono which has the original name of Jusuf Antono Ali (born in Malang, East Java, October 29, 1950) is a musician and songwriter Indonesia which is also known as the guitarist for legendary rock band God Bless.
Background sound sonorous Ian can be recognized in the songs God Bless and the singer be handled.
Initially, Ian Antono was a drummer. But after hearing the music of The Shadows she began expressing interest in being someone a guitarist. He eventually joined the band Immortal Soesman at that time its name was simply taken into account. The year 1970 he migrated to Jakarta and joined the band of Bentoel which became the accompanist for singer Emilia Contesa and Trio The King.
w/ Indonesia Rocker Ikang Fawzi
The end of the year 1974 he officially became the guitarist and God Bless released albums like Huma on the Hill (1975), the mirror (1980), Black Ants (1989). The name Ian Antono started attracting attention because at that time the atmosphere of rock music in Indonesia there hasn't been started. God Bless the one who pioneered the first time. Automatically Ian also became the first guitarist in the rock band rises from Indonesia.
w/ God Bless Band
w/ Achmad Albar
After the retreat from God Bless and Ian joined the Group Gong 2000 and released albums such as Bara Timur (1991), Warriors (1994), and the Tempest (1996).
While still reinforcing the God Bless the game different from Ian during he Gong 2000. In 2000, he was Gong to incorporate elements of music of Bali. It proved at every appearance, Ian has included at least 20 musicians native to Bali. Year 1997, Ian back strengthening God Bless and a Duet with Eet Sjahranie status as a guitarist who is still God Bless. The concept of the double guitar is simply attract attention even though in the end the album's "How are you ? "
Ian Antono was also a figure of a prolific musician. Within a year he could manage the album for some singers. Many of the albums that did not escape the touch of warmth including Iwan Fals, Anggun, Nicky Astria, Doel Sumbang, Gito Rollies, Ebiet G Ade and Ikang Fawzi, a lot more. By Ian Antono in the arena of music has received many awards. Whom is the BASF Award (1987-1988) for Best Arranger and Best Composer for Arid album (Nicky Astria), HDX Award (1989) for this book I Borrowed (Iwan Fals), BAFS Award (1989) Album Bara Timur (Gong 2000) as The Best Selling Album and The Best Arranger Composer & HDX Award (1994) for the album Laskar (Gong 2000) as the best Album. Are no less important is the award from Diamond Achievement Award upon the dedication and high achievement in the music industry in 1995.
An experience that appeals to Ian was when in 1999 he was invited by Ramli Sharif to enliven the Formula-1 in Malaysia. For Ian this is not an ordinary experience, because there also attended the group collaboration world guitar God, G3 and the legendary rock group Jethro Tull. By utilizing session check sound, Ian studied the device belongs to Steve Vai of which there are many. From there he added knowledge and insight never before he get in Indonesia.


nyan bereh..
seorang gitaris yang legendaris.. saya suka akan raungan gitarnya diatas panggung..
rock 'n roll

Nyan Jeulas @dedley
no one like Ian Antono in Indonesia

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