'No Name' from the hosts of Spotlight On The Artist

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One Media®
'No Name'
from the hosts of
Spotlight On The Artist
MSP Waves

The second tune in an eagerly-anticipated collaboration between friends & "Spotlight On The Artist" Cohosts D-Vine & Zig.

This Dark(er) Drum-and-Bass meets Cool Jazz styled tune was recorded March 26-30, 2019... one can listen (only) to the tune itself.

D-Vine laid down the drum-and-bass beats, bass, rhythm section and foley, the groundwork for "No Name".

Zig added the electric piano & violin, and various bits of analog and digital electronica then sent it back to D-Vine for final mix down.

The title "No Name" emphasizes the egoless intuitive process of this collaboration.

Music Visualization and Video Editing by One Media® April 9, 2019

► Listen (only) on Choon

You can watch the music video of No Name immersed in relaxing music visualization

► Watch the music video of 'No Name' on BitChute in HD

on the Discord
MSP Waves Broadcast channel of the Peace, Abundance, Liberty server
with hosts, @d-vine & @onemedia
UTC 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM;
CEST 8:00 PM until 10:00 AM;
EDT 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM;
PDT 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM.
You can check your timezone here.

Happy listening!

©2019 One Media®

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Ups, was signed in with the wrong account ( @spotligh.artist ), I am such a klutz, lol!
Weeeell, I am so looking forward to our next adventure!
Mucho love & huggins <3


OK sure, Ms. Spotlight whatever you say... <3 :-D

Looking forward to the next one & many, many, many, many more!! <3
Love ya Zig!!!


'The next one' is the ArtZone special ... Wait, to which 'next one' are you referring?! ;-P

I knew mixing up 'which voice from which account' was going to happen ... The worst is continuing a conversation in a comment section or discord DM with someone whom you never started the conversation to begin with... done that a few times, myself! LOL!!! ;-)

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