"Esimerkkinä / As an Example" by TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart (Epic, Heroic Spoken Word over JamBand Jazz Rock and Music Visualization)

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One Media® presents
"Esimerkkinä / As an Example"
TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart
(Epic, Heroic Spoken Word over JamBand Jazz Rock and Music Visualization)

"Esimerkkinä / As an Example"

In 2017, TFG (TONTTU) wrote the Finnish language Heroic Epic poem, Esimerkkinä / As an Example.
On the 17th of October that year, he recorded his voice in Finnish.
On the 24th and 25th of October 2018, Keith 'Zig' Stewart recorded Hippie Shite music to go along with the poem and spoken word, per the request of TFG (TONTTU).

From January 13, through January 17, 2019 Keith 'Zig' Stewart compiled and curated Music Visualization and Artwork in the public domain for the music video.

Esimerkkinä / As an Example

LKoen yllättävää tarvetta omaksua uusia näkökantoja ja antaudun virran vietäväksi...
[I feel a surprising urge to adopt new points of view and I surrender to go with the flow...]

Suljen silmäni ja annan vieraiden käsien ohjailla itseäni ja liikutella haluamaansa suuntaan... [I close my eyes and let the hands of strangers guide me and move me to the direction they desire…]

Liikun kuin sakkinappula vailla omaa tahtoa tempoillen joka suuntaan...
[I move like a chess piece without a will of my own wincing to every possible direction...]

Enkä voi sanoa suuremmin nauttivani olostani.
[I cannot say I enjoy it that much.]

Piankin huomaan, että on aika ottaa ohjia takaisin...
[Quite soon I realize that I need to take back the lead...]

Naulaan vasemman jalkani kiinni maahan saaden takaisin osan kontrollista...
[I nail my left foot to the ground thus getting back some control...]

Mukautuessani elämään kuin tuuliviiri suuri osa uusista asioista mitä koen ja näen tuntuu minulle vieraalta ja vastenmieliseltä...
[As I adapt to a life of a weathercock most of the new things I feel and see seem strange and repulsive to me…]

Ne heijastavat pikemminkin muiden ihmisten tarkoitusperia ja näkemyksiä.
[They rather reflect other people’s agendas and visions.]

Kohdistan katseeni haluamaani suuntaan ja naulaan toisenkin jalkani kiinni maahan...
[I focus my eyes on the direction I prefer and nail my other foot down to the ground...]

Koen edelleen vimmaisten käsien riuhtovan minua eri suuntiin kuitenkaan kykenemättä siihen...
[I can still feel those frenzied hands shredding me to different directions without being able to do so…]

Ja piankin ne katoavat minua usvana ympäröivään maailmaan...
[And soon enough they disappear to the world surrounding me like a fog...]

Silmieni värin sulautuessa edessäni näkyvään tummanharmaaseen...
[And as the colour of my eyes blends in to the dark grey I see in front of me…]

Tiedän olevani esikuvana kaikille.
[I know I am a role model for everyone.]

Happy listening!

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You've got your life back now. Might be difficult from the beginning but you will get the hang of it pretty soon. And even if you fail or make mistakes, it's your life and you should decide how it goes.

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Thank you for the words of encouragement. Yes, the theme of heroic self-agency in this poem immediately grabbed my attention, glad it resonated with you!


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Such a heart touching message you got in there. And am glad you want to do more of you now.

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I'm grateful to have the message reach you. A society where many can individuate has more of everything, in such a society, individuals are inherently good, therefore more good for the good of the whole...

Yea.... And to the group of bad they will always be shamed. Thanks again for your lovely message

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