SBD Photo Contest (Yourself with a Music Band or Artist) by @trincowski

in music •  3 months ago

Hi, there!

Here is my entry ever to the SBD Photo Contest (Yourself with a Music Band or Artist) by @trincowski! If this isn't a bright idea and contest theme, I don't know what it is :)).
Read more about this contest here.

Photo: A one-man music band and me.


This photo was taken around 8 years ago (I don't have recent photos, I'm always the photographer!). That's my son and me. He has always played and has been developing his skills in many musical instruments. He's trying his luck in the music and has already a dozen originals on YouTube.
If you care to support him and his music here is his channel on YouTube you can subscribe:

I'm taking this opportunity my friend @trincowski gave us to help to promote my favorite bandleader. You will understand, I guess.

Here is also one of my favorite songs from my son:

I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks, @trincowski, and cheers to all!

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What a great entry! Thanks for participating, Isabel! 😊
And thanks for sharing my contest post, too. There are only 3 entries so far, including yours!


Thank YOU, my dear Ricardo! The theme is not easy, I guess. That's wahy. It's my pleasure! Cheers!

What a beautiful photo of you and your son! ❤️ I’d love to check out his music, but I’m just on a quick break now. I will come back to it later :) Also, great idea and great initiative @trincowski! I’ll try to make an entry as well!


Great, Melody, I will look forward to seeing it! Thanks for caring, I'm so happy my son can have more subscribers! Sometimes he gets a bit disappointed, but he's so young, he has his whole life before him!

No sé qué me impresiona más de la foto, si las dotes de artista de tu hijo o esa mirada de madre, que no puedo disimular, puesto que los ojos son los espejos del alma, ese profundo orgullo y amor que siente. Una foto que transmite ternura a raudales. Gracias por compartir y muchos éxitos, tanto para ti como para tu hijo.


Muchisimas gracias, querido amigo, que comentario tan maravilloso! Me encantan tus palabras, y quiero desearte lo mejor tanbién!

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