Album Review. SLIPKNOT - We Are Not Your Kind (2019)

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The discography of these Iowa musicians is not too generous. However, each album is original and recognizable in its own way.

Not even a week had passed since the release of the sixth full-length work, and the album had already become one of the most discussed events. Critics give incredibly high marks, and many fans were unhappy with what they heard.


The group’s creativity can be divided into three parts: the first two albums - a heavy, uncompromising nu metal, with which the band broke into the world of music; the third album is a small departure from the nude of metal; the fourth and fifth albums - a noticeable lightening of the sound, the addition of more clean vocals than on previous records. In addition, each album found its own audience.


In short, "We Are Not Your Kind" turned out to be very lively and rich. Almost every song has its own unique atmosphere. Many tracks have something in common with early creativity to one degree or another. However, there is enough new here. The most important thing is that the album is of high quality, pleasant and deep in meaning.

However, from the first listening, the material may simply not like it. Being a fan of this team for more than a decade, I did not perceive what I heard. Only after the third listening did I begin to catch something really attractive.


The first single from the album is the track “Unsainted” - an ambiguous and interesting song of the group, largely because it uses a chorus to complement the vocals, which is one of the innovative moves for the group. The couplets are no longer sung with pure vocals, drums are clearly distinguished, followed by guitars, etc. ... In short, single finally announced the return of the group.

“Birth of the Cruel” - a thing that is in the shadow of the single, however, and itself is such. There is even a separate, very eccentric video - real maggots will appreciate it. Here we hear the real Slipknot, the very one that many fell in love with fifteen years ago - at the beginning of the 2000s. Angry, viscous, with lots of rot and rust.

“Nero Forte”, “Critical Darling”, “Not Long for This World”, “Red Flag” - powerful tracks with interesting guitar and drumming, alternating heavy scream vocals with clean. The chorus technique of “Nero Forte” is similar to the technique used in “Unsainted” - clean vocals sound somewhere from afar, and in the foreground - a furious roar. And it is both powerful and beautiful. In tracks feels some kind of innovation in terms of music. They have a soul in them - violent, cruel and gloomy.

"My Pain" is an insanely personal track. By and large, this is not even a track, but a textual and musical expression. I would even say remorse. The authorship contains the names of all members of the group. However, these experiences are personally Corey.

"Solway Firth" is the last thing in the album and another single released before the main release. There is a separate live video on it, and in addition, the thing is OST for The Boys series. Powerful, complex, cool song. After the first audition, I considered this song the worst of what the band wrote. But when he began to serve the whole album, she miraculously became like me. At the moment, one of my favorite songs on the tracklist.

In the end, I want to say: it is pointless and stupid to compare this album with any previous album of the group. This is a moderately heavy, instrumental, calm and aggressive album.

Despite the fact that group's new studio album many rate it as one of the worst, it seems to me that very soon the time will come and the opinion of the masses will change.

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