Album Review. Mark Morton - Anesthetic (2019)

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A lot of people were expecting the March release from Lamb Of God guitarist. Mostly due to information on participation in recording of Chester Bennington.

Let me remind you that in the beginning of 2017 member of Lamb Of God and Linkin Park frontman got together in studio to write the joint material. As I understand it guys wanted to please the fans a bunch of cool collaborations. But what happened is what happened. In the end, material were left to gather dust.


Over time, Morton still decides return to idea and begins to pick up material for debut solo album. Invites renowned vocalists: Bro of Lamb Of God Randy Blythe, Shaddix from Papa Roach, Myles Kennedy, Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy and other familiar musicians. First single was “Truth Is Dead”, which I did not add to the material, as I do not like it, despite the participation of two good metal voices at once.

So listen to the album's opening “Cross Off”, one of Chester's latest recordings.

For me personally, listening to the song with Chester was a pleasure. I always liked his voice and in each of his projects the musician laid out to the fullest. At the same time, there was a strange feeling while listening. Because song was released after his death. But we go further, because ahead there are still 9 songs.


Morton's first solo project from most musicians, critics and fans of the metal scene received an advance credit. Singles were explosive, the participation of all the familiar soloists was captivating and, of course, the fact that Mark was an integral part of Lamb Of God, who many years was respected by fans of extreme musical trends. And what we have in fact?

We have a solid metal that is listened like a collection of excellent melodic music compiled by an experienced guitarist. With the latter, I, of course, overdone. But the material is really cool, energetic and not giving the opportunity to doubt the talents of Mark Morton and his colleagues.

"Back From The Dead" was recorded with Josh Todd. Vocalist of hard-rock band Buckcherry fit in perfectly with the company and studio work without this track would be completely different.

Music itself, but rather its guitar components, naturally have echoes of Lamb Of God. But no more than that. This is a completely different music, even if it comes from approximately one current. I were pleased with the aggressive of rhythm parts, really melodic moments and meeting solos. The whole album keeps on one mood, without ballads and any lyrical whining.

Undoubtedly an unexpected gift was the composition "Imaginary Days", where Mark himself decided to sing. Surprisingly, he has a good voice, and music ... here and so everything is clear.

In general, the album "Anesthetic" by Mark Morton, I strongly advise lovers of good metal music, at least for educational purposes.

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