First music post in over 2 months - Sunday

in music •  6 months ago


This was written and recorded on a chilled out Sunday afternoon...
Hence, I called it Sunday.
However, it was the secret track at the end of my second album, "Don't Just Do Something... Sit There!"

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there that are committed to being there for their kids.


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Lovely tune. We need to hear more music from you.


THAnks so much @steevc.
Hopefully, I’ll sort out this glitchy internet problem in my new place and get more music up on Steemit.

Cool tune, brother!
That was the very first time I listened to something on "Choon!"
Cool site! Nice GUI... Wishing you and all other artists using the
platform much success!


Thanks bro.
Well, I’m stoked to be the one to pop your Choon cherry, mate. Hehe

listening and drifting.... beautiful my friend, just beautiful :-)


"Don't Just Do Something... Sit There!"



THAnks so much bro!

ANd I’m glad you like the pun on the old idiom.

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