🔊 Had a gig last month. Watch the closing song in a funny gibberish gangsta version performed in BOXER SHORTS. 🔊

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Hello dear Steemians,

I want to share with you a recent video from my gig in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a closing song of the concert, a major hit (and run, if you will).


My band's drummer (Karlo Mrkša - the one in boxer shorts, he played the entire concert in that outfit) is performing a gangsta gibberish version of one of the most famous Croatian musicals Jalta, Jalta and is accompanied by Brane Norac who sings freakishly high tenor. On the other hand, I am playing keyboards. All in all, a very comical piece.

The crowd seemed to dig it :)

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miki solus.jpg

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Hahaha! You're crazy! In the good way. This made me happy, thank you. With the chicken sounds, the opera, rap, slam. Excellent!

Bok @mikisolus pridruži nam se na novo podignutom Discord serveru za Hrvatske Steemit korisnike detaljnije o ideji možeš pročitati u linku ispod
(ispričavam se ukoliko si već tamo, ovaj komentar post-am po redu svima)