"Laura" Flogging Molly cover dedicated to Laura Lemons

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This is a cover song by Flogging Molly that I would like to dedicate to Laura Lemons. Laura was a very active and influential member of the Steemit community who just recently took her own life. This is a very rough, impromptu version of the song, but I felt compelled to play it. I just wanted to make a gesture to those that knew and loved her.

I didn't really know Laura, but her somehow, her life and death both made a big impact on me. I haven't played this song for years, so in the video, I'm following the lyrics and chords on my laptop.

I just met Laura online in May here on Steemit and have followed her blog pretty closely ever since. She was a very bright, incredibly gifted artist and writer/blogger. However, sometimes the most gifted artists are the most troubled. We discussed depression and health problems in a few of each other's posts. I found her very relatable and enjoyed her cynical, yet playful sense of humor.

I have seen discussions of a memorial fund of sorts from many of her friends. I will happily donate any earnings from this post toward mental health awareness or any other arrangement if something of the sort is organized. To her friends: please let me know if I can be of help. Rest In Peace Laura. I hope you are no longer in pain.


Feel the words from my lips,
To your hearts fingertip,
And you know were I come from,
Cause I know, yes I know,
Everything there is to know,
Cause I've lost everything I've had
See I,
I could have danced on the sun,
But my world came undone
There's no need for tears,
Cause there's no need to cry,
A love that you leave
Shall never be denied,
A pain in my head,
Escaped from my heart,
No woman alive could touch what you were
So bye bye Laura,
There's no one to take your place,
Bye bye Laura,
Your beauty will never fade,
They'll say that's your song,
And reach for the sky,
The river is gone,
And everyone cried,
And after the song,
A spirit lives on,
Though your not around,
You'll never be gone,
So bye bye Laura,
There's no one to take your place,
Bye bye Laura,

Here's the original version of the song, which is beautiful


Good stuff! Keep it up! 😃

Thanks for sharing... Love it.

I didn't know her, but I can see that she was loved by so many people. This is a beautiful dedication to her. ❤️

Thanks Ellicia :) I only knew her through Steemit but she did something that I could never do; she bared her heart, soul, and emotions through her writing in a very raw and unashamed way. I really admire her.

Fantastic stuff. I'm going to do some sort of annual art award in her memory. I haven't worked out the specifics of this yet; but she was one of the first Steemians that I connected with, and in my early days on the platform she was influential, encouraging and supportive.

She touched the lives of so many.

Thank you for this.

This is the type of thing that I would like to donate to. She was one of the first people to reach out and truly interact with me when I joined. Please let me know how this develops, and I would love to contribute, whether it's a big or small amount. I'll do whatever I can. Keep me posted, please.

I definitely will. Once I have more of an idea (and some art work for the prize itself, I'll be making a post, collecting my thoughts) I've also written a tribute, which can be found here.

I actually read your tribute yesterday. It was beautifully heartbreaking, yet straight to the point. I'm now following you and hope to be in touch soon. I've been personally affected by suicide, and Laura's story has really struck a chord with me. I would like to think that she would be somewhat "proud" to know that she made such an impact on Steemit and maybe we can share her story and help others who suffer from mental and/or physical pain :)

So sad to hear bad news... but you played this beautifully and it was very heartfelt. Love you!

Thanks lady :) I wasn't feeling the best when I played it, but I just wanted to make a little gesture to show that she had a big impact on people whether she knew it or not.

thank you for this song for laura.

You're very welcome.

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