A tribute to lauralemons. May her universe rest in peace.

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The 25th person to follow me on Steemit was @lauralemons. She provided me with encouragement, support, and a variety of deeply engaging conversations via comments, steemit chat, and of course, let's not forget about engaging, excellent, and raw posts.

She was an ideal steemian. I say was, because, regrettably, as we have been informed, she is no longer with us, after taking her own life. Today, we lost one of our finest.

We lost a steemian of pure dedication to the cause, and someone who genuinely loved this website.

I remember this exchange with her fondly:

It ended up with her making this comic of me:

No matter how shitty you feel, how low you feel, there is support out there. Laura's universe is now one with no pain. A place without pain is what we should all have. Her dark sense of humour was always something that I enjoyed, and I feel that this is apt:

(artwork by Laura)

Laura suffered from a disease which defined her life, as she spoke about often in her blog. I can't imagine the pain she went through each and every day.

I want Laura to be remembered and revered as a model steemian, and as I've said in the comments of more prominent personalities than myself in their own, separate tributes to Laura, I want us to come together as a community to have an ongoing, annual award in Laura's name; to go an artist once a year.

I'm talking a big award but I don't know how big, or how to do such a thing.


Thanks @holoz0r for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It's so important in these situations that people know there is support in a number of different avenues if they feel they need someone to talk to. Sorry for your loss mate...

It seems a few of us who got the chance to know her, whether a lot or a little, are wanting to do something in her honor. All I could think about while at work, was how we can keep her memories going. I love the idea of an award, and am sure things will fall into place, as to what exactly it will entail. I was also debating on a post on a suicide prevention group, but not sure how it would work. I can't stop the wondering, if I had reposted my post "What If", that just maybe she would have read it, and hung in there just a while longer. I really hate the not knowing. It is so heartbreaking.

I'm glad you did this. I think a piece from all the tributes should go into a pot towards.... something. My main concern is ensuring funds go to the right place. And if we can't reach a communal agreement on it that's okay too. I think everyone's heart is in the right place. Resteemed.

Thank you. Here in Australia, on Monday, we have an initiative called RU Ok? day. That leads to mental health support initiatives.

We've got all the time in the world to honor this amazing woman. I'd love to see that done on the blockchain.

You're right. We do have time. It is endearing to see the community coming together on this. Laura would be touched. I Keep feeling like she's going to "pop " on here any minute and tell us this was some misunderstanding. Doesn't seem real.

I know the feeling. I think she had an autovoter set up somewhere, I felt really haunted when I saw this when I woke up:


She's a ghost, haunting the blockchain.

I heard someone else made that comment. That is a bit, um, chilling...

Sorry to hear so. I read about it in @alexbeyman post....I do remember some glimps from discord chanels. Sadly no bright ideas as how to honor her memory, but if i come up with something I will let u know. :/

The award should be called "The Lemonade".

I'm sure there's a Steemian out here that can make a great logo for it. It will be an award with a story. A story of creativity and hope.

Edit: I didn't know here personally but I remembered seeing some comments from her and I saw many comments on Discord when I first entered there. She seemed like a funny and bright person. Had no idea about the troubles in her life.

I've got someone in mind to produce the logo. I'll be in touch with them soon. :) And yes, it will be something that means something. I like the idea of calling it the The Lemonade.

I was thinking something really formal, like "the lauralemons award for oustanding achievements in the field of artistic excellence"

I like "Laura the Lemons"
She reffered to herself as lemons sometimes

The virtual trophy can be a lemon on a plinth. Its definitely going to have something to do with lemons.

I had totally forgotten that artwork. It's so hilarious.

See ya Laura. We'll me again somewhere else.

My condolences on your loss. It is always tough to lose someone who struggled like she did.

Laura sounds like a great person. I am sad I didn't get on to Steemit earlier and get the chance to meet her. All I have read today is how amazing she was. She will be missed by many both on and off of Steemit.

Her drawing of you and @mattclarke are excellent. She had a great talent and it is saddening that it won't be put to use anymore.

Rest in peace Laura.

Oh man, this is heartbreaking. I never knew of her here, but noticed she's from my home state, which makes me even more sad we never connected. I love the idea for the award and would be happy to contribute. I lost a good buddy to suicide growing up, it's so tragic to see someone you care about so much make that fateful decision. Out of curiosity, how did you hear about this happening? Thanks for writing this up too btw, I'm sure she is looking down smiling.

I heard through her friend, @alexbeyman and his post, linked to me by meatspace friend, @mattclarke

Very sad holoz0r, but appreciate your sharing of this unfortunate news. Looking forward to hearing more about the honourary award. SK.

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