Get Some Jazz Steemit #16 - Now vs Now

in #music5 years ago

Hey Steemit!

I've been away for a while, but here's a new entry for "Get Some Jazz Steemit".

Today is the turn of Now vs Now, a fusion trio with really interesting music, with Jason Lindner on keys, Panagiotis Andreou on bass and Mark Guiliana on drums.

I first heard this trio because of Mark Guiliana, and on this song, my favorite of them, he delivers a beautiful drum solo.

This was recorded at Congahead studio, which usually hosts several recordings with videos from different artists. A really beautiful place.

Being Lindner and Guiliana two of the most influencial new jazz musicians, you can expect this trio to sound unique.

One funny thing about them is that their studio album sounds really different from their live performances. The first being really calm, with a different feel (even kind of a "pop") to it, the second usually being pure fire.


I hope you enjoy it, if you did, I would appreciate an up-vote!

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See you around!



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