We Saw a Rising Artist on the Sunset Strip: Flamingosis

in music •  last year

The Roxy Theater in LA on the Sunset Strip

It took months of waiting but I'm so happy it happened. I went out to the historic venue The Roxy in Los Angeles to see Flamingosis for my birthday with my friends and cousins. I've been sharing this guy nonstop with everyone I come in contact and wrote an article on steemit just because I'm so excited for the young artist. He fuses excellent hip-hop beats with handpicked soul and jazz samples. He's on the come up, so listen to his shit now before everyone hears about him then you can say you heard him first. Below is an example of these soulful samples he rolls out.

We got there all pretty drunk from the pregame and the venue had people packed in like sardines. An opener was on that nobody was really into. I feel kind of bad for the openers sometimes, even if they aren't that bad I feel like people don't get as into it because they see the people around them aren't into it. I was too busy trying to regroup with the friends to really pay attention to the first guy who went on.

I went with my girlfriend, a few friends from my rave crew ( I wasn't sure if they were gonna enjoy it because it isn't house music), couple friends from different circles , my cousins who are like a brother and sister to me, and a handful of my girlfriend's friends. I was ecstatic my cousin Laura made it down because she lives in a city a couple hours from LA - Ventura.

Around 11 it was time for the main event. He grabbed the microphone and started doing the "yo yo make some noise - how's everybody doin - let's fuckin go" routine but you could barely make out any words it was all muffled in his mic. But we weren't here to listen to him talk, we waited for the New Jersey beatmaker to get to work. His first coulple songs were ok but about 20 minutes in he started really getting into the rhythm, and the crowd reacted playing off his energy. Seeing him perform was quite an entertaining sight, as he really gets into his own shit hahahaha. About 45 minutes in he had complete control of the crowd. Everyone was finally moving to the beat, and he started getting into some improvisational bits. Down in the 2 videos below you'll really see the crowd start to move a little more

The night was filled with all my best friends, family and great grooves I couldn't have asked for anything better. My cousin who came down from Ventura had a fucking blast too. One thing that was missing though was my friend Brook who introduced me to Flamingosis. He thought he could make the show but it turns out he made these set plans to go to Big Bear with his girlfriend and her friends a while ago. Gonna have to catch another Flamingosis show with Brook in the future! Videos taken are courtesy of @cordjackman I hope you all enjoy!

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Great videos. Feel sympathies for those first performers myself. Glad you had a blast for your bday man. You disjointed my confirmation bias. Cats from NJ can be dope after all jk lol. 👍🏽


hahahaha yes those cats can. we found a gem in this one

Sounds really cool so far. I'll check out your post on him.