Jam#30 - 3 Keys of Blues - Music Made For Steem

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Jam#30 - 3 Keys of Blues - Music Made For Steem

This is a jam I did in the middle f November of last year.

The thought behind this one was simply blues changes but in a different key for each of the 3 tracks on the looper. But then I have to remember something :-) which brings more of the human element in. There are a couple of cuts in this as I remember. Otherwise most everything I've done in the somewhere around 40 hours of music made for steem jams I've done is unedited. This one features solos on guitar, keys and fretless bass and weighs in at almost 23 minutes. Enjoy.

I dedicate this to the service that one has done for another and the recognition of that by all who observe, Mark


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Mark, I am away in Berlin and have limited capability, I am using eSteem and loaded my account so I can vote at least, I’ll sort out with you when I get back this Friday. Are you on any discord servers?

hey stimp1024! Sounds good, no worries. I have signed up for a few discord servers but don't really use them much. Have fun and we'll catch up when you get back. All is well, Mark