Talented Street Musicians From Around The World

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When I traveled across Europe and other parts of the world spending a good amount of time performing music on the street, I got to meet many street performers and perform with them.

I have a special place in my heart for street musicians and usually always stop to add a few bucks to their tips jar.

Busking has been with us dating back to antiquity and for many musicians is their man form of employment. In every culture in all corners of the world their are street performers entertaining people of all walks of life. Without them the cities we live in would seen dull and uninspiring.

Here are some of my favorite videos of street musicians. Hope you enjoy them.

This performer is one of my favorite classical guitarists with a gypsy flair to his music. He draws large crowd and it's no surprise why once you hear him play.

Best Street Guitar Performance: Hundreds flock to watch this street performer and you can see why!

Bohemian Rhapsody is a song that has spanned multiple generations in it's popularity which is a hallmark of a great song.

Miguel Montalban - Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) AMAZING street performance

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover and that is clearly true when it comes to music. You just never know who is going to amaze you with their playing skills and you certainly can't tell by their appearance alone. This video proves that a little rock and roll lives in each of us.

Workman Stuns Audience With His Piano Skills

Violin is one of the hardest instruments to play in my opinion and this guys does a great job of it. You'll see him playing on the streets of Seattle mostly but I have seen him in other major cities too.

AMAZING Street Violinist Draws Audience - Halo Remix (beyonce)

When you're a creative musical artist you can make music with just about anything as this street performer demonstrates so well.

Amazingly creative street musician in London

This guy plays The Gypsy Kings so well I could listen to him all day.

Amazing street guitar performance by Imad Fares " Gipsy Kings cover"

Beat box is a very creative way to make music and has taken on a life of its own over the years and Dub FX has honed his street show down so well he always draws a crowd. I like this video in particular because the song is awesome but also because he explains in laymen terms the process of making loops.

Dub FX 'Made'

Please share your favorite street musician videos in the comments below.

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Phenomenal performances. As a musician myself, I am impressed! Having the use of electricity helps them. Thanks for sharing. - Troy


You've played for Steemit Open Mic before if I remember correctly. I remember your username from somewhere. Was that where I saw you before?


I post alot and am a follower of you. Yes I am a musician. Here is my website.http://enjoywithtroy.com/ Thanks again for a great post. Troy

When I moved to the big city of Chicago in my early twenties I would come across amazing performers in the subway at least once a week, classical, rock, soul, rap, country, percussion with buckets, everything. It was so great, I miss it. Thanks for posting these. Did you tape these or find them on youtube?


I found these on YouTube but have seen many of these performers playing live myself. New York, Chicago, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, all have some amazing performers.

What do you play? Maybe you can play for us at Steemit Open Mic, a contest I host here on Steemit.


I'm not so much a player as I am one who enjoys the players. I used to have a lot of musician friends in Chicago and L.A. when I was trying to find success as a filmmaker. I ended up being the guy that filmed their shows, and weddings. I play guitar, but only for my own amusement and frustration. Thanks for the open mic offer though.

The first guy is AMAZING!
I have watched that video many times.


One of my favorite street performers too.

Nice post..i like and love music


Do you play an instrument or sing?

Très bon article qui est très bien fait de votre part. Plus un follower . Merci


Je suis heureux que vous l'ayez apprécié autant que moi.


Merci pour votre com

nice post it will earn $1000 i hope


Not very likely but thanks for having a look.

You bundled some nice street music! I love the first one, the guitar and the violin! The one with the tennis racket is also kinda cool. The others are so good, btw, but those mentioned did something extra special to me. My bests street music experience was in the Paris subways; a group of student from the music school played a serious classical piece with such a perfection, I had goosebumps the whole show. My second best is maybe in San Fransisco, those guys at the waterfront are just amazing with their buckets and all playing the drums.


Europe has some amazing street performers and so does San Francisco. Glad you enjoyed the music.


For sure! :)


All these street performers are brilliant and I can proudly say I've already seen every video you listed in your post... Plus Dub Fx has some incredible original music, I definitely recommend listing to his others stuff :)

I absolutely love Estas Tonne's playing, thanks for posting this.

In the deep of this music tell a story for life, you should never give up for nothing until you get what you want


Use what you got 'till you get what you want. -- Willie Dixon

great post. i love dub fx . but some of them are new to me

I am your follower :) and u know that ? your posts are super, post more like these! @ronaldmcatee

The first guitarist you mentioned is named Estas Tonnes. I swear that guy hears the cosmic symphony in his head when he plays. He's actually Russian. 🙌🏼✌🏼🎶🎧