Don't Waste Your Love

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Greetings Steemians

This is one of the tracks off my last album Contemplation's Of The Void. I wrote this song last summer after hearing the news of a BLM sniper killing 8 Dallas police officers. It really seemed like something that needs to be said. We should love people based on how deserving they are and not waste it on everyone. I think if the word love had more meaning and importance than to be thrown around and wasted then perhaps we'd have less of the problems and killings over dogma that we do today. It's a tough world folks, so don't waste your love.


today we are in this suffering
we as a people slowly die from a progressive disease
ugly we have become
at one with our suffering
tied to the garbage in our souls
we need to release to regain control

celebrate your love celebrate your love
please don't waste your love please don't waste your love
celebrate your love please don't waste your love

we, we stand on a precipice 
if we are to reach into the sky
we have to be one just you and I
you know, you know the truth is deep within our soul
we have to be free, we have to be free from all control
we need to release to regain control

You can grab this track here

or the entire album here

The track is 1 USD , but you can pay what you want on the album, even free

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So True We must celebrate the love we have for another otherwise we have wasted it. Great song. Thanks my friend.

Thank you man

Hectic lyrics man ... hopefully crypto's and Steemit will change the world, well technically it already is. The future looks bright Cheers ;)

Crypto can and is making a difference in the monetary system,which is cool as long as people stop killing one another over religion and political ideology.

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