Introducing myself. Self-made song: Show Yourself. ♡ A rolling stone, wearing it's heart on a sleeve. - LOE

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Self-made song, boss RC-50 loopstation, keyboard, alto saxophone and voice. Recorded with cellphone (#easytechnology ♡)

"Explaining things so I can confuse you" -Tom Zé!/@life-on-earth/20180319t190811586z-show-yourself

There once was a small creature that came from a place far far away.
Because people always looked kind of strangely to it's unusual appearance,
it transformed into an ordinary little human being.

Everyday was another new adventure.
Drunk full of life and curiousity,
it lived from one day to an other and grew up without any worries.
But somehow it always kept feeling a bit like a stranger among humans ...
Safe. But more and more lost in conformity.

One day a shimmering presence appeared,
and spoke the following words in a profound and persuasive way:

''I'm your companion since the day you've arrived.
Untill now you've lived unrestrained without any responsibilities or obligations.
You're ready to take the next step.

From now on you'll be called 'LOE'.

Your destiny is to serve a higher cause.
Which is to search for the seven mysteries of 'Life On Earth'.''

And so the journey began.

-As I've walked throught the valley of life. I'd like to see behind your eyes. -

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or Dsound!/@life-on-earth/20180319t190811586z-show-yourself

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thanks to @massivevibration for this resteem. upvotet and follow. great to have new musicans here.

welcome on board my dear :-D

Whahw! Thanks @Massivevibration and akashas! This gives me massive vibrations ❣❣

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow ! Trop bon! I love the loop , I am also on the old BOSS but the principle is the same! Well done and the song is so well written! Welcome to Steemit I look forward to more!

Thanks a lot edprivat! So awesome to respond to my first steemit reaction! Damn, I love it allready.
Will visit your page too. Lots of love ♡ (after looking: Oh seems I already have) ;)
♫ I, I follow, I'll follow you ♫

Hahah good luck @life-on-earth and welcome on board, I am so excited to see what you will bring to the platform!

welcome to the platform of steemit dear.
hope you will do great in this platform ahead.

thank you Princepr. I'm trying to learn a lot caus all this technical stuff about steems and crypto currency is totally new for me.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yeah,same happened with me too,as you will use and use steemit you automatically learn all things realated to steemit.
don't worry,keep your god works up.
you will further success in your life.

wow, you have a beautiful voice and its very well produced even though you didn´t use a daw....vibin :)

btw welcome aboard

First off all, what's a daw? ^^ I think it's because of the loop station (you can adjust the sound of each track) and probably also the great boxes help. Strange that my huawei 8 lite smartphone records this well ... Great phone! Totally recommend it! Thank you for your words darqub. ;)

its a "digital audio workstation". :)
you are welcome and yes it sounds really great!!!

You've got a resteem on @stateofthearts. Great job "life-on-earth".

Thanks a lot @stateofthearts ! It's much appreciated! ^^

Lovely voice, lovely song. Oh and by the way, thanks for your kind remarks about my painting.

This ia good. You used your phone to record it, impressive. Hope you win @fivestargroup supports this. 👌🏼

Thank you so much for your kind words!