Song of the Day #27

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Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Coffee Break

Simply put something sexual exists in the sounds of Zeds Dead.. And with Omar LinX spitting fire on top of the whole thing this track certainly makes me relaxed and motivated at the same time.. Best listened to on a large system or good bass headphones.


I run for the bus dear, but while ridin' I think of us dear
At work I just take time and all through my coffee break time

[Verse 1: Omar Linx]
Woke up but I gotta go back
Tell mama I ain't no slack
I'ma make it in this world
I'ma show you girl, might fall but I ain't gon' tap
Just thought that I'd let you know
Couple things that I can't let go
I want it all but I gotta make the call
To get this job or get this dough
Two sides of the same old story
No love in the game of greed
No time for a boy to dream
No time for me, no time to breathe
But I ain't a quitter you should god damn know better
Make a band with your god damn beretta
I'ma take it to the top
When you thinkin' I'm not, you lost, I'm a goddamn go-getter

I run for the bus dear, but while ridin' I think of us dear
At work I just take time and all through my coffee break time

[Verse 2: Omar Linx]
(Yeah, yeah)
I'm in today, I'm overworked and I'm underpaid
They takin off, I'm goin late
They slacking on, they coffee break
But I had enough and I wanna raise
And I know my cards and I know the game
But I'm struttin' round like I own the place
With my head up high like I know the way
And I'm walkin in, so confident
So debonair, so off the wind
I am a man, lets not pretend
I can do it again if you not convinced
Cuz I know the deal, this do or die
I'm Ron O'Neal and Supa Fly
They see the boy, they know I grind
I put in work, they can't deny
( Lyrics lifted from )


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My fevarit music in English. Thanks for sharing this post.

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A good song and good lyrics. Speedy song but beautiful wording. Good collection of music.
I hope you have a good day.

It feels like I want to dance with this dope of a piece of music track @klye :P
Nice to listen to.