KLYE - THOT RIDDIM (Dubstep/Riddim)

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Worked on a bit of music.. Figured I'd share the unfinished clip of my new track titled:


Best listened to on a sound system with a good sub..
Track is unfinished/unmastered!

Thanks for listening and upvoting. Have a good day!


woah.. that was one hell of a glitchy break!

Thanks Fraenk! I like myself some weird music.. Making it too..!

Have you considered uploading it to https://dsound.audio ? This is good work. 666 is also sick.

I had not..! Thanks for the feedback and idea!

Not gonna lie, this shit could not even be upvoted by booster.


Booster makes my wee-wee sad.

This is also a wonderful sound to use for a movie track.

If anyone wants to hire me to do a movie sound track or license/feature my tracks... Sweeet

you never know..
the best of luck.

Cheers buddy.

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