Help! Need words and ideas! Science fiction and space stuff! (50% post payout for the best comments)

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We are planning for a dance music festival. But the deadline for submitting the first-draft proposal to our preferred venue provider is just around the corner! The theme we are going for is space stuff, leaning to science-fiction. We would want to include giant planets, stars, and hyperspace travel to accommodate the visuals on giant LED screens, laser lights, and holograms in the venue.

Being the copywriter, I'm tasked with writing an attractive one-page introduction. Music will be trance but that doesn't matter. We'd want to avoid going for the usual write-up that plainly says it's a music dance festival with loud music and all of that. Instead, we are going for some "audiovisual experience" narrative. Something reflective about our place on Earth and its relationship with the rest of the universe. Or maybe something entirely different since that's also somewhat lacking originality.

Feel free to comment if you have ideas, one-liners, anything! Maybe share something about space which really stood out to you. Maybe some article or Youtube video. Maybe even build upon the comments of others. All I'm looking out for are cool ideas for me to start writing a few alternatives. Liquid Steem of this post will be distributed to the best comments I feel have helped the proposal the most. Namaste!

Extra info: Event is planned to be in Q1 2018. If communities on Steem and functional sign-ups are developed by then, we will consider including it in the plan. Invitation cards in goodie bags to appeal to music lovers. Been delaying this for about a year already. Check out our website and Facebook page.

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Are we not all star dust?
We are all destined to return,
To where the stars burn.
Building temples to the sky,
Or upon yonder fly.
Is not this Earth,
That which gave us birth,
In the heavens upon high,
Make us children of the sky.
Upon this earthly haven,
Already living in heaven.


Magical, I love it. Thanks for the heartfelt poem!


You're welcome Kevin. I just wrote it up now. You were asking for words, phrases, starting points for ideas, so I let the stream of thoughts flow. Good luck on your mission.

BTW, where are you planning to have the event? I didn't know you did even organising as well. I used to do visuals at events and for bands.


It’s in South Asia. Yeah we’re still only doing an event a month or so, and I’m more into blockchain talk these days so..


Hmmm... perhaps a blockchain party then? Everybody who buys a ticket also is buying a small amount of xyz (insert crypto name of choice) coin. So you'd be spreading the word and adoption.

If you wanted to go full on geek, get Anton Antonopoulos to present (educate) and have him backed with a DJ and visuals. Make Crypto cool and fun. =)

Hey Kevin I could share some ideas. It all depends on what your budget is. I could see a costumed dance in whatever character from any sci fi show. You could have a contest on the best costume. There could be video music and movie clips from various eras of sci fi. you could go back to when JFK started the space program competing against the Russians as an audio clip. Imagine folks dressed up as spock, darf vader and all those that have come since. You could have a name that clip contest. You could include bloopers too. Food and drink could in in a sci fi theme. Decorations as well. Perhaps You all could be dancing to Weird Al parody on Don Mclean American Pie, Or do the the Time Warp again. You could go as far back as Telstar (1962). Perhaps folks would have to talk in Klingon or use phrases like Beam Me up Scotty for a free drink or other privileges. I could see a trivia contest with sci fi prizes. Even a silent auction or raffle that was space oriented. Different locations in the building or room could represent different places in time travel or different eras of sci fi. Folks could be lost in space (show). You could hand decorations of different galaxies and planets from the ceiling. perhaps the enterprise zooming in the air. Don't forget Riverside, Iowa - The home of James T. Kirk. As for a catch theme ...Perhaps 'Steppin out in Space" with the image of a couple and their feet dancing together showing the feet in particular in air. I do not know it is just an idea. Hope it helped. Live Long and Prosper.

Hyperspace, eh? You looking to complete the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs?

I don't know much about Earth's galaxy, but I know a lot about a galaxy far, far away. I also know a bit about the Milky Way, but not the one as we know it. I'd like to say I'm related to Commander Shepherd but I'm afraid that wouldn't be true. I did help destroy the Reapers though :p

You should check out DealExtreme for their mini key chain lightsabers. I ordered a BUNCH for my wedding. We had them as party favours. People also waved them around, lighting them up, when they wanted Frank and me to kiss. Those could be pretty cool. There might be some other colours on Amazon too.

Something like this:

Alternately, you can also buy glow sticks from the dollar store and add little DIY cardboard bands to the ends, painted, or crafted more elaborately, as you see fit, to make it look like lightsabers. That might be your least expensive option.

If I had lots of money, I would hang a bounty on the wall lol Nothing says Cantina without a Kowakian Monkey-Lizard either, but hey. If you want to go all space and Cantina-like, SWTOR has some awesome Cantina songs from its soundtrack. I've got them all, could send them to you, or you can find them on YouTube (SWTOR Cantina Songs/Music).

If you can Cosplay, that would be fun, have some space folk walking around, some aliens, some Jedi or Sith, perhaps people from other galaxies.

When people order something or walk into a room, or from time to time, you can have droid sounds on the speakers. Like R2-D2 sounds.

Of course, that's the direction I would go in. I even own my own Sabaac deck. Having a few of those, could make some fun games. We use dice in this galaxy, because we don't have droids for the random factor, but throw in some drinking alternatives to the game and you've got some pretty fun times ahead.

Hey @kewinwong, If you are planning for a dance music festival I appreciated and i have some ideas how about do this with successfully. have you selected venue, time, date and place with timing schedule? More important above contents bcoz require to promote those festival too. Without audience no important any festivals. i think you understood my opinions cleverly.You should competition various systems. As you know we can arrange festival without any doubt and risk. In this fact I confirmly give my trust your festival.
before start festival require submitting the first-draft proposal. entire various dance style with various costume and also must entire huge noises audio clips to presentation. Must decoration of earth and galaxy to to the stage platform. But require and compare nice contribution to Science fiction. As my mind, if you can arrange to make nice slideshow presentation it will be better. Its not tough task , easy way to handle our self. then we can keep leadership there festival. Also require find professional dancers, beauty ladies is attractive and maybe it can be get more audience. Thats massive point. If not unsuccessful your dance program. Please think more and safety. If our creativity will success automatically increase your reputation. Its will be more rewards in this platform.
Thats huge discussion and you always shared most important topic to the society.

You can select these Power point slide shows. Dont difficult to search.

Here is a link to a trilogy of space poems I wrote and posted some time back. They my or may not be helpful, but at least will provide you with a moment of entertainment.


You just said friend. You are right

I like the topic of space and trance music! it will be a great combination
what about freezelight show? if you have somebody to create it, it will be just perfect.
it can be a real dance with them, or just decotarion with such kind of lighting, it always looks like from space


Nice suggestion! Keeping tabs on this!


oh, I am happy I was useful) Hope to see photos from the festival)

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A huge divide where even though everything is very futuristic it is very grungy and almost apocolypse dystopian. Maybe even a dark cyber punk feel. of corse alot of blacklights and smoke. maybe some simple sloagans written around telling people big brother is watching or obey or something like that. graffiti on stuff to make it look more cyberpunk would be kool too. even crossing out of a slogan or two. strobes on the dance floor and all the light shows ect to where the dance floor area is almost a transformation to a really futuristic luxury disco. it would add more to the divide feeling of the raw cyberpunk look and the high class rich dance party.


Not sure if we're ever going for some dark industrial mood, but great idea! Thank you.

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I was thinking more of a cyberdog look but yeah.
hope it turns out great.

How about linking Astrology in the mix? Putting the star constellations out and about and all throughout ........ just a thought. If not you could base it off just another world-scape such as Alice in wonderland type background or a mixture of many. I myself like the idea of a totally dark room where, before hand, many go in with punctured glow sticks on strings and spin them by hand releasing the contents inside the room creating a galaxy affect...............


Oh I love this one!


Glad you like it brother! Have fun, live a lil' and be safe. The world is your movie go experience and create.

Just throwing it out there. Maybe this one-pager could be a special invitation persuading Elon Musk to come to this festival. He's arguably the biggest 'star' in space right now. Also, it would be pretty funny picturing Elon Musk at a music festival - dancing.


LOL funny indeed. I like the idea. Excellent use for the holographic panel if we get to import the tech! Edit: but probably need to get some approval.


Call something out like "Space Y" and so something with the "Y" as in "Why" :) Of course mentioning that music is required as basic necessity when going to Space, that inthat way space travel would develop much much quicker and so on :)

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An idea that is probably very bad: LHC collisions recreating the very first moments of the universe, connecting somehow human technology to space, etc.. You could for instance mimic a collision event, then creating a mini big bang, move from the infinitely small to the infinitely big, and then you can have pictures of space, stars, galaxies and all that.

I hope I helped (otherwise, never mind :p )

In space there are no divisions we are all aliens 👽 There is no concept of material things just beautiful galaxies filled with stars and small planet. The lacking of oxygen is replaced with awesome music that helps you stay alive as you float around freely in space 🚀

Hello Kevin, I hope you're doing well. My idea mainly would be that, when making a festival of this theme you need a hook, what would be the hook? This would be a kind of countdown to something huge, of course, within the theme of the festival, perform small intermediate events dedicated to the subject, some videos accompanied with music that make you feel out of this world, you could even make small lectures about the space, aliens, sci-fy accompanied by music and dance, everything that leads to the climax of the countdown where you could do something shocking, an ignition followed by red lights, a blast, that indicates that something big will happen, something like an alien invasion with choreography or something like that. I hope to help you with my idea and that everything goes well at the festival. Cheers!

Today people, we stand between it all. Between the planets, between the stars. We stand between the past and the future. Tomorrow we will step out from between, and go forth. What will we find, outside the between, will we step boldly into another world, or will we step back in time, to where we started, or will we step into the future. Today we dream, Tomorrow we go.

Hi... You may use my post "My name is Ether" to get some ideas... :)

I am about writing a new post titled "Music in the air" but has to do with "nanobots" in form of dust particles that oscillate in the air like an enormous flock of invisible birds and create music from nowhere.....
You may use it as well as idea

In Space no one can hear you Scream! Classic tagline that might work for this occasion.


A Sound Experience that's Bigger then Space

This video blows my mind every time I watch it:


this is a video of a private person who wanted to take a look into space himself. A look into the big unknown. I say unknown because I'm torn.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist.
Tyson was Vice President, President and Chairman of the Planetary Society.

An EPIC Natural Color image (left) and an Enhanced Color image (right) of the Earth on January 26, 2017.
Credits: NASA/NOAA

Strap on your moon shoes, throw on some solar glasses, grab as many glow sticks as you can, and buckle up for a supernova joyride.

I always liked how Kazantip did their writeup man. It feels so personal and community-like. Check it out, maybe some inspiration for you?


have you been there?


Nope. But I wish to.

The best of all space travel ideas that i have found interesting is the ability to bend space like a sheet of paper and creating a wormhole through which will serve as a shortcut for long distance travels. Add some effects to a simulation of this idea and you might be looking at the best intro for a dance...

You can just make a hologram of a spaceship. Those who are at the festival are passengers. Moreover, the spacecraft overcomes the time barrier. We are flying not only the planets, but also the years. We are already in 2300, in 2400 ... There will be no way back!

Here are two amazing space documentaries,

JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE (observable) UNIVERSE w/ Alec Baldwin


Hope it helps


Thank you, every bit helps getting recommendation from people, instead of googling all over!


Ideas from Images the film 2001 Space Odyessy

You could start with the dancing stars. How each star moves in unique way, dancing through universe. Even closer, we can see our planets dancing to a different tune, a different dance involving our star.

You could close with hyperspace travel. How one day we might be able to visit different solar system to watch and learn a new kind of dance.


Nice one, love the description :)

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Next event being scheduled! Is this warming up to SteemFest3? Well I like the phrase "Restaurant at the end of the Universe"...for your party you can make it into something like "Music at the end of the Universe", or "Road to..." or "Trip to..."

I don't have any direct idea for that however I recently watched a movie named
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
The theme of this movie is same as theme of dance music festival u guys r creating, (how our planet is connected to universe and has whole lot of alien species etc) may be this will help you getting ur introduction post for festival


Thanks I’ll get the team to check out the movie!

@Kevinwong, I write one-liners for a living (& have been called, possibly, the greatest living aphorist).

Is it too late to contribute? If not, you’re welcome to share with me your notes & I can polish them for you.


Short intro:

try to use space hologram and a collection of planets to add a unified nuance to the music or some collection of beautiful stars @kevinwong
good luck


Good idea, thank you for the suggestion!

Like the idea of a space themed dance, there is a lot you can do with it. will you have a projector playing videos and such (the audio visual part)?

You need some sort of narrative to play for the dancers, as you journey from ground control to the deep parts of our galaxy. Think something like morgan freeman or david attenburgh narrating. Have different speeds of music to go alongside differnt parts of your journey etc. One song that you could use part of is Bass head, by bassnectar. A great tune, more drum and bass but I thiink it would work well. skip to 40 seconds in to see the part that resembles take is the link

Not sure what is needed. But I would go with Stargate SG1 theme.

Is this too cheesy?

Alien Nation

Come together and explore the infinite

It might be a bit contradictory (alienation , and come together!)


I know. Is the wordplay to shallow, too confusing, or too goofy? It's after midnight here, so odd ideas are guaranteed, but quality is not.

Hay my Friend as I had organised many events earlier so I would try to help you, as I understand that you have to prepare an attractive introduction for the event and you want some suggestions that would show a connection between that science fiction and dance and music.
I had also read here many had suggested many ideas some for movies, artical, videos and many things.
So I would have to start it I would firstly start with a short story , where somehow alinan were make a connection with us and they have technology and we have talent and at last both want to exchange both with each other and thus somewhere a deadly combination of scapecraft and sci-fi and dance and music were connected, add remember it's should be an interesting story formet, so that people firstly feel a connection . Them after if possible make a video to showing a short story with dance and music ,
And then further if all that happened . You can give any direction to your event in any way, its may a competition among human and alian , may a war, may a teaching show through dance from human to alian, may a start of new friendship or future. It may be anything .
Hope it may help you somewhere. Well I am not best but have an experience, and these idea are practicing possible. So at last nothing , but just thank you.


Hello, this is the one of my favorite soundtracks, it's atmospheric and intense.Greetings from Athens :)

It's all revolving
All evolving
Let's get spaced.

Stars and planets
Gas and matter

Let's get spaced


Heads and eyes
On stalks and spines
Let's get spaced.

I once went to an awesome space party! They had a warmhole where you could sit and meditate... and we even had an acroyoga spot where we gave people first flights. Here is a Youtube video I made of the party.

Not sure if this is actually the type of ideas you are looking for, but I thought it was pretty quirky​ and fun.


Hmm glow in the dark might be a good idea for some portions of the venue, thanks!

@kevinwong - Some random taglines that spring to mind...

Who needs Earth - No Dearth of space in Space!

Space - limited only by my imagination..

My child is not Earthbound...

Or you could look at my Futuristic sci-fi story for inspiration on living 147 years to be a steemit millionnaire. You have seen the episodes 1 and 2 couple of weeks ago (Just kidding)

All the best. Upvoted. Will ping again if I really think of something creative.




Cool, thanks, feel free to drop by again whenever!

Well, I think you can reproduce a popular scene from Star Wars, depending by the people who attend at the event, it may be well received :D


Space Balls!

I don't understand. Is it also a part of project from inside steemit community or its your outside work?


Outside work but always testing use case with steem :) here’s my post on it last year


oh, thanks I'll check it. 👍🏻

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Hello Kevin,
You already have some great ideas. I'm adding somethings to keep more attention or you have concentrate on this things.

  • First thing is, the set design and light effects.
    The first thing the audience will see is the set. If there is nothing to attract there eyes they will gonna lose attention. And the special light effects will help you to control there mind. Don't give them any chance to lose there attention.

  • Second, the sound effects. Use something new and good to hear. You can use Full bass beats, or lead guitar or storm sound or else which suits your script and the story. But a great starting can grab the full attention of you audience.

  • And the last thing is voice over. I mean the script. Use easy words. Don't make complex. But keep the suspance.
    That's all I can say.
    My English is not good, if you can understand, please ask.

How about the singularity? Asgardia (The World’s First “Space Nation” Just Launched a Satellite Into Orbit) or AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Maybe. Will consider, thank you :)

Hello @kevinwong I'm following you on both of your accounts but you don't show up in my "following" list? Do you happen to know why?


Hmm no idea! Is it alright now?


It was corrected this morning when I looked. Thanks @kevinwong Have a fantastic day.

Perhaps you can also include the theme of space travel, with various types of rockets, space shuttles, as props and party goers dressed as space travelers or aliens. The suggested tagline "A Journey Out Of This World".

I think Elon Mask's space videos will help. Because he is the one who will take people to Mars and also he is launching rocket flight anywhere in the earth in less then 30min.

Some one liners that came to mind: " The sound that takes you among the stars", "Feel the beats of the universe".

shake that space freely ;)

I'm gonna try the one liner with

Beyond the Earth

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Why not try to bring some scene from the back to future and a little cut from the stars wars video clips and find any movies relate with the doom of planet earth and drop the bass and then continue with your first best dancer to start up and blast the sky with some firework and laser light waving in the air and put a big screen at the back projecting some image and effect ...haaa hopes that might help a bit

This is really an interesting idea. I thought for a while and came up with these suggestions:

How about having costumes or props like these:

I seek your little input to come up with a new suggestion or a better idea.

The Greatest Space Exhibition Created to give everyone an opportunity to experience the proud history of humanity in their efforts to study. And do everything possible to travel out of the world to explore space. Audiences will be thrilled with innovations and technologies such as spacecraft, space suits, space robots, space robots, space toilets, communication tools. Space Shuttle Atlantis, Parachutes, and more, all dedicated to the heart and soul of man in making a dream come true. Until the day when the first astronauts had stepped on the moon and returned safely to earth. This information will be displayed. As well as other information. The G-Force Simulator, the Globe, the spherical display of the sun, and more. Planets can be seen 360 degrees, photographed with astronauts. Or shooting in a weightless condition.

STAR TREK DANCE vs STORMTROOPERS. This is a video from youtube you can refer:

This guy has some incredible visual images...

This music is by an old friend (from back when MySpace was cool) I don't know if it fits your motif or not... I've been trying to get him on here.

Once we went to the I Max where they had planets and stars rotating across the ceiling as the earth turned . Guess you could do that with some kind of visual and lighting. Good luck! 🐓🐓