"Hustle & Heart Will Set You Apart" - My music review on the soul Collective "Hustle Souls" from Asheville,NC

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I recently had the pleasure of discovering a new band, Hustle Souls! They are a high energy soul collective from Asheville, NC. Their rhythm is full of beautiful southern magic, and the lyrics are comfortingly familiar. Hitting you with raw emotion, and soul opening connection, they have a southern charm and smooth flow that warms the whole room with nostalgia. When something touches your soul, it never leaves you.


It is my pleasure to introduce the members of Hustle Souls. Billy Litz is on lead vocals, trumpet, piano/organ, and harmonica. Sean McCann is full of deep smiles on the bass. Christopher Everett lays down steady soul shreds on guitar. Tommy Moore sits on drums with steady rhythm that gets me movin and grovin along with a fresh young voice that compliments Billy’s deep soulful vocals. All the guys sing, creating a beautiful connection that has me singing my own heart out with them every time I hear them now. Each member plays their complimentary parts as emotions do in our mind, body, hearts and souls. You will find them often in North Carolina, where they found themselves a home, as well as up and down the east coast. They are new to the scene, and I have a good feeling about what they will bring to our music community.


The inspiration of the name Hustle souls is a play on the magical Muscle Shoals, home to Fame Studios in Alabama. The magic of Muscle Shoals has been a great inspiration to the music of America, as well as the members of the band. Hustle Souls has found their own piece of Muscle Shoals magic in the heart of Asheville NC, where they have made their selves a home. I had the pleasure of experiencing the mountain magic of North Carolina recently, and I am really looking forward to catching a Hustle Soul show in Asheville soon for the full experience.


I first saw Hustle souls when they opened for LITZ at the 8×10 in Baltimore, MD this winter. Both talented front men Austin Litz (LITZ) and Billy Litz (Hustle Souls) are brothers, leading the audience with vocals, keys, horns, and strong stage presence. The energy was a little distracting here, with the high energy of our lovely, funky LITZ family taking over the vibes.

I got to experience a different vibe when they came to my hometown of Solomons, MD a few months later. This was a last minute surprise show for me and I was up-close and personal, their energy taking my soul for one hell of a ride. They mellowed it out somewhat at this show, adjusting to their audience. This is a family friendly bar in a southern Maryland vs. the high energy club vibes of the 8×10. Their smooth southern soul was a sweet Sunday delight for my town. I got their beautiful stickers and their first and only EP; which I played nonstop for weeks. I had the pleasure of speaking with each of them and they showed gratitude for expression of themselves, music, and the support and energy there that night.


Their EP is a go to when my soul needs deep comforting healing. It makes great summer backyard chilling music, Sunday morning cruises with the windows down, or late night lovin' with your lover. It is what I jam to with my coworker at the end of a shift when we just got to sing out those blues!

Starting with “me oh my” (my favorite to sing to!) which tells the familiar tale of navigating relationships, and ourselves. Each note and lyrics glides through your soul with grace and beautiful rawness. Each song guides us through a collective soul session. They sing about how we live and learn through the dance of love and life, and express it in a way that is healing for anyone who listens. You’ll find Guitar that squeezes and pulls, and lyrics that are all too familiar yet comforting and full of inevitable evolving change.

I jammed this album through a month of rain this spring, which brought heavy soul growth to me which I am forever grateful for. A particular favorite bliss moment of mine off the album is near the end of “shake hands”. The harmonizing in here is so touching, gracing me with the most beauty I have felt in a long time. I feel like a harp being stroked gently, longingly. Listening to their EP I can’t help but hug myself, my core warm and cozy, music moving me.

Find their first EP here- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0tnpr4vgpbqtp8a/AAAxynCihEBIw9y1l2sWcD52a?dl=0


These men have the courage to put their stories, emotions, and souls out there, and that is inspiration for us all. We can acknowledge the familiar stories of love heartbreak, lessons, and life itself. This is what soul music is all about, feeling deep emotion through sound. This is the kind of band that sets a tone to make history through the “sound” of soul. When something touches your soul it never leaves you. It may come in waves, but they’ll hit you in that heavy place, hitting spots of your soul you didn’t know needed healing. Hustle and heart will surely set these southern souls apart.

  • I wrote this article summer 2016, and it has been one of the most enjoyable pieces for me to write. Within that time these guys have been doing so many great things: new album- Don't Blink, music videos, and lots of touring. Catch em if you can! :)


Check them out here:


All photos from the band's Facebook Page



~Kerri ❤

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