Remix Juxta Tracks - New Track Added - The Definition Of Madness

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I am slowly making my tracks available for anyone to remix FOR FREE (any style and use any parts of the stems)!

All I ask is that:

  • You link back to the Juxta Musicoin account
  • You link back to the original song on Musicoin (links below)
  • If you upload the remix you allocate 50% of the royalties to me
  • I will promote the remix across various channels when you tag me (my Twitter) and when you upload to dsound make sure you follow the instructions here so the @MusicVoter can upvote the post.

Available So Far

The stems are available on Dropbox

I have been blown away by the quality of the remixes I have heard so far and can't wait to hear what you come up with!

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