“Last of My Kind (Jason Isbell Cover)” by Jessamyn Orchard - includes lyrics and reflections

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I put this Jason Isbell cover tune together a couple of days ago because I couldn’t get the song out of my head. Sometimes earworms can be a good thing. :)

This song is meaningful to me in a number of ways...some of those are obvious through Isbell’s powerful lyrics, and others are perhaps more personal, as I hope you find similar meaning through these words.

I recorded this in literally three one-takes (guitar, vocals/ guitar tapping, backing vocals) on my iphone using the Shure MOTIV MV88 microphone through GarageBand. Other than applying reverb, there’s not much I did to this audio. All acoustic and one-take with no redos into the mic...so don’t judge too harshly. This is as close as live as I can get to singing with myself. ;)

Lyrics Copyright Jason Isbell 2017

Last of My Kind

I couldn’t be happy in the city at night.
Can’t see the stars for the neon lights.
Sidewalk’s dirty and the river is worse.
Underground trains all run in reverse.
Nobody here can dance like me,
everybody clapping on the one and three.

Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

So many people with so much to do.
Winter so cold my hands turn blue.
Old men sleeping on the filthy ground
spend their whole day just walking around.
Nobody else here seems to care.
They walk right past them like they ain’t even there.

Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

Daddy said the river would always lead me home
but the river can’t take me back in time, and Daddy’s dead and gone.
The family’s farm’s a parking lot for Walton’s Five and Dime.

Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

Tried to go to college but I didn’t belong.
Everything I said was either funny or wrong.
Laughed at my boots and laughed at my jeans.
Laughed when they gave me amphetamines
left me alone in a bad part of town.
Thirty–six hours to come back down.

Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

Mama says God won’t give you too much to bear.
That might be true in Arkansas, but I’m a long long way from there.
That whole world’s an old and faded picture in my mind.

Am I the last of my kind?
Am I the last of my kind?

Lyrics Copyright Jason Isbell 2017

Here’s my lil version. I claim no rights to this song, but just love it so much I had to throw my mode of it into the universe. I do hope you enjoy it.

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Sunshine on my shoulders almost always makes me high. —John Denver

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A beautiful rendition of meaningful song, I really enjoyed that!


Thank you so much. I think this song is amazingly powerful, and I’m glad I’m not alone in that thinking. Much love, @amberyooper, and thank you again for checking it out and for those kind words.

Something about the way you recorded this makes me want to hear it playing off an old cassette player, on a worn-out tape in a coffee shop in a rainy part of the northern hemisphere. In other words, I love the vibe here. great job. And I'd never even heard the original song :o

Merry Christmas my dear.

Listen, it sounds amazing! We have to do a duet !!

Wow, never heard the original version of this song. Awesome lyrics!

The atmospheric performance and bottom heavy, reverb drenched mix to me seems to fit the song's words perfectly. Beautiful :)