Jessamyn’s (Unexpected) Steemit Depression Vacation - Part Two of Three: The Music

in music •  last year

I don’t feel like I can say it enough, but thank you so much for sticking this shit out with me, you guys. Today I feel like the hole is much less deep than it was even yesterday, and I hope to channel this into creativity tomorrow. Thank you so much. Your kind words and the even just fact that you’re still here after I was in a cave for two months just bowls me over. I’m so grateful to you all. Unworthy perhaps, but so grateful to you.

All my love,



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Im so happy that you are finally able to do what you love jesso!!


It truly is a blessing, and sometimes I have to remind myself that this has been my dream for so long. I want the same for you guys so badly.


It's slowly becoming so @jessamynorchard! whether it's here or is in the real world.... it freekin happening.... i've done more portraits this season than any other! (and people like them!)

I’m so happy to see you back and I can’t even describe how stoked I am to hear the new EP!!! Looking through all of the pictures and reading all of your words just reinforces my belief in you and your talent! Dealing with a deep, dark depression while continuing to gig and go, go, go... Now that’s fucking impressive. I could tell you to slow down and that’s it’s always ok to tell people “no”, but we both know that’s not how it goes ;)

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you and I hope that a little of the weight that you’ve carried has been lifted now that the EP is finished. I can’t imagine the stress but I know that it will pay off in the end. Love you so much Jesso ❤️❤️❤️

Also, we still need to make “Gettin’ emotionally nekkid” t-shirts!!! ;)

Nice! Welcome back ;)

And Congratulations on this accomplishment. Really glad that you've been able to achieve this, I know how hard you've been working this past yearish to get your music dream happening!

Keep doin your thing!