Metal night out - Sear Bliss

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Hello everyone,

this past Sunday me and a few other friends decided to attend a gig that had been announced of Sear Bliss. This band has been releasing albums for over 20 years and they're well known and respected in the metal underground community and they would appear over here in Greece for the first time ever.

I got in touch with this band not so long ago, when a good friend of mine gave me their first album (Phantoms [1996]) to listen to. I kept the disc and at a later time I did listen to it and liked it. Recently I listened to their latest album (Letters from the Edge [2018]) and it really got me very excited, I liked it very much. 

So the chance to see them performing live was an excellent opportunity to attend their gig 


and indeed we went. I got in touch with the organizers of this gig to ask them whether it would be possible to get tickets from the live club itself instead of getting the tickets in the pre-sale status and at what price and the guys replied to me that yes we could get tickets from the club the same day of the band's appearance and at the same price as in the pre-sale stage. 

We were there just in time to see the supporting band Lloth perform on stage and it was a very good warm up for what was coming next. To get an idea about this band, you can visit an older post of mine about my music collection here and scroll down to the last album presented.

Now to the main part of this great gig. I like recording songs when I'm attending gigs and this time could not be any exception.


The next song recorded belongs to their newest album and it's a great anthem, I truly love it

And a last one which actually was the song that they ended their performance

We had a great time and I'm looking forward to attend other live concerts coming up, now that the summer is almost here and the concerts are going to be open air.

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The sound of the live recordings are surprisingly good except the vocals are a bit to quiet.

Yes indeed my phone records the sound very well, the vocals sounded awesome live, the frontman performs excellent, probably it doesn't come as strong from the recording or maybe the sound was as good as it gets as usually, it rarely is perfect in gigs.

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