Lambo Land Music Video

in music •  last year

Crypto Fam Welcome to Lambo Land!

I've been largely absent from Steemit for the past couple months because I've been headlong in a project that I'm super excited about and proud of! I've teamed up with @cluff to create a 6 track Crypto Rap ep that we are launching with an ICO that will combine crowdfunding and cryptocurrency!

Here is our first single Lambo Land:

I'll write a more in depth post regarding the ICO soon, just wanted to share our work with this lovely community of crypto fam!!

If you want to know more about the upcoming project and ICO you can visit



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great recording and video :)


Thanks, appreciate you checking it out!

Holy smokes what an epic song and video. Top level quality right there.

Was wondering where good ole @hashbrown went. Excited to hear what this new project is about. Let me check this site out.


Haha thanks! Pretty excited for this whole project, been super head long into it and just getting back from a little mini-tour so been mad busy, gonna dip my toes back into the Steem as I get more time


O heck yeah glad to hear you are progressin. Only a matter of time until the masses know about Hashbrown.

What's a good site to see your progress and music?


Dope video...

I unfollowed because you were not posting . LoL Glad to see you are back!

Check out my rap contest called #got16s by clicking the image below. This episode is closed but you can still take part and vote.
got16s the vote.jpg

And I hope to see you back in the #rapchallenge this week!


ooo I need to check that out and get back into these cause I've been so busy on the ICO side of things I haven't wrote in a second!!


thanks crypto fam!!

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