Alif - Shoshe Ka Chashma - Live @ GIFLIF, Bhopal

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We recently performed at the Great Indian Film & Literature Festival (GIFLIF) in the city of Bhopal.
This was our first performance at Bhopal or even the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP) for that matter.
Bhopal is called the City of Lakes and it was beautiful weather that day (we stayed at a hotel called "Lakeview" 😄)

Here is the poster:

This was one of the superbly organized festivals we have performed at. The organizing team was on point, everything was on time and we were treated like rockstars :)

This is a live performance of one of the songs: "Shoshe Ka Chashma".
The song talk about the sad state of the world where it has become necessary to "show off" yourself and your talents to get noticed.

Here the link to the YouTube video in case this doesn't open:

I must say they have done a wonderful job of capturing and editing the video. And finally we have a proper video of our 4 piece (vox, bass, drums, keys) live performance. 👏🏽
I am on the keyboards 😇

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

PS: Alif T-shirts are online. Indians can buy them at this link: Redwolf

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Alif Website

Until next time...

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perfect one.

Wish I were there