This Eminiem vs. MGK beef

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I kind of fell out with hip-hop over the past 5 years or so and it wasn't necessarily because of the fact that i live in Thailand for once. I fell out because the new wave rap styles like "mumble rap," in my mind, is just garbage and I would rather listen to nothing than that.

While i was visiting Australia a friend started talking about MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and how he is beefing with Eminem. I had never heard of MGK and I haven't heard anything from Em since that rather lame anti-Trump freestyle he did.


So my friend showed me a video from MGK called "Rap Devil" which is a song that is entirely an Eminem diss. I'll go ahead and put there here because it is pretty tight.

I'm a fan of whatever this is. I don't know what to call it but I call it "good." I don't know the nature of MGK and Eminiem's beef, but i do know that Em struck first and I don't know if he was expecting a response. I can't find a good quality "Free Use" version of the original diss track that Em did but it is called "Not Alike" that was released on his surprise album Kamikaze.


Now here are my observations. MGK's track is impressive, and i have listened to it a long time but I don't think that he, or anyone else is really on Eminem's level. There is a reason why no one beefs with him, the rap community universally agrees that starting a beef with Em is almost certainly going to end badly for you. He simply doesn't lose.

On the other hand, Eminem has made MGK a star by even mentioning him in a song (despite the fact that he doesn't directly name him.) So even if this does result in embarrassment for Machine Gun Kelly, he can cry all the way to the bank because he is BIG NEWS now and prior to that he was relatively unknown.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me at all if this entire situation was intentionally orchestrated behind the scenes by both MGK and Eminem. Em has been a bit relegated to the background as of late and MGK, well "who is he?" Now they are both back in the limelight... I mean, the argument between the two of them was featured on the first page of BBC news online today.

Whether or not it was intentional, no one can argue that this is really good press for both of these guys. Furthermore, since both of them have released great tracks in the diss war, I am really looking forward to it continuing.


MGK inadvertently started the beef 6 years ago when he called Eminem's then 16 year old daughter, Hailie, "hot as eff."

Eminem is precious about his daughter, so when MGK claimed that Eminem was standing in the way of his career, in "Not Alike," Eminem called out MGK as a "c-cks-cker" for "sneak-dissing" him and "commenting on my daughter."

That's when MGK made "Rap Devil."

And now Eminem imagines the MGK is Stan in "Killshot," and he burns MGK bad:

Listen to this shit. Eminem rocks! "I'd rather be 80 year old me than 20 year old you!" LOL.

This is the exact reason why you DO NOT go at Em! lmaoo R.I.P. MGK

I first heard about MGK from Hot Ones, he had a pretty good performance eating crazy hot wings on there, so he earned my respect. This is the first I've heard of his music, I'm impressed. I grew up listening to Eminem and so I love him, I don't really care about this beef but I'm glad that some good music is coming out of it. It reminds me of AndrewTCollin's Tweet "A diss track is just two grown men sitting in separate rooms, writing poems about each other."

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Yeah I totally agree with you when you say its pretty good press. Eminem is on a pedestal and is not on MGKs level at all he shouldn't even have started anything with MGK in the first place. Thus I'll give it to MGK for holding up a fight he knows he'd loose. Nice post man

I am one of the few who thinks MGK isn't that good. I just hear a whiny millennial Eminem wannabe preppy kid who looks like he grew up in a middle class family and thought he'd look bad ass with some tattoos. But oh well, everyone has their own taste!

I find the whole feud thing kind of funny though. The Eminem reply diss was pretty epic too! BTW, I'm not a Trump worshipper like many people that I know, but I still thought the diss freestyle was probably Em's lamest work.

The funniest thing about the whole mess is that MGK lists Eminem as his greatest musical influence. Well, maybe he has changed that as of late.

Well this is quite downgrading for Eminem to have started a beef with someone who's obviously beneath him in all regards. I'm a huge fan of Eminem and maybe I listen to MGK sometimes but who can compare to Eminem when it comes to hardcore rap. The diss isn't as bad as most people say it is, it's just that MGKs diss is a killer. I think I'm begining to like the guy. Well let's see where this all leads...

You spelt Eminiem rong but it just emfazizes no one kares about his schitk anymores.

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