I don't often get excited about mainstream metal but well, this looks tight

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I've always had a kind of love/hate relationship with Slipknot. Love the pageantry and costumes and the fact that they bring attention to my favorite type of music. Plus when Slipknot tours they generally give great exposure to "lower tier" bands that are my favorites but normally don't make much money until touring with Slipknot


Now, what I DON'T like about Slipknot and this is completely a matter of opinion and it is not my objective to tell you what to think. I don't like that Slipknot albums tend to have 2 or 3 pretty good songs and 1, maybe 2 great songs, and then the rest is kind of shit. Go ahead and disagree with me. It is my opinion and it's the only one I have access to. You know what? If that is the only negative a person can come up with then it is still a pretty great band right? SK has never released a pure shite album just for the sake of making some money unlike other popular metal acts who, to be fair, are probably obligated to do so by the record labels.

Anyway, here is the video that was released at the end of Oct that I am only discovering now. It is called All Out Life and it is fantastic workout music.

I love the musical progression, it is just hard enough without going too over the top. The video is dark and the message inside the lyrics is actually really great too.

"Old does not mean dead" "New does not mean best"

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I remember that I loved joey jodirson I think he was one of the best drummers in the world I loved his project as a soloist enjoy the video I loved greetings and my respects. Thanks for sharing my support as always.

One of my favorite bands although the last discs I did not like much, iron maiden will always be my best band. Well, thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately money has the ability to ruin everything. It is one of the last remaining "values".

Wooowww man, this looks are very crazy. I like it Loolll

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Hi Gooddream. I do like metal. In fact i'm an oldtimer who likes all the spectrum of rock'n'roll. When bands like this one become "big acts" they have to follow the instructions of the label and get into the mainstream to sell records. Maybe this is what is happening to Slipknot.

Hey, at least they’re less mainstream now. 😜

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albums tend to have 2 or 3 pretty good songs and 1, maybe 2 great songs, and then the rest is kind of shit.

There are a few bands in this mold.., I have friends who rave over this band and yet I still cant hear anything but 'noise', if the video link is one of the great ones I will try it.

Speaking of noise.. I am an Opeth fan.. now thats loud and noisy.