BEST Rock Dance Halloween Song Ever!!! TIME WARP, from Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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OK you gave out all the candy, now its time to PARTY! Get up and Do The Time Warp with the gang from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a strange horror comedy musical movie from 1975 that had a really cool sound track! You can dance to most of the songs and people have been doing that, and acting out parts of the movie ever since, in midnight showings to this day.

It's easy to do, so grab your phone and fire up the @actifit app and

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

If you want to hear a slightly updated version, here is the Remix of the Time Warp! It's got an extra drumbeat and its a little longer, for a better @actifit workout! This is the version I play at parties! But in my copy, I used Audacity to edit out the tap dance and dialogue sections to keep the energy high throughout the song.

But wait, there's more! Here are 2 bonus tracks from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.

Here's sexy Susan Sarandon singing

Touch a Touch a Touch Me!

Keep in mind, this movie is Rated R. Children under 17, please don't watch. :P If you prefer the sound track version, that is here.

Let's watch Meatloaf in his very early days, before his massive solo career with songs like Bat Outta Hell. He was in this movie! Here he is as Eddy, singing

Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul

I really love that Rock n Roll! This is a 50s blast from the past kind of tune, with a super catchy chorus. Get up and dance or just jump around!

Happy Halloween! Cya Next Year!!!

If you want more, go to my blog at and check out my 10 part series, Halloween Music from the 60s!


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