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This is Cold Cave with there song "Love Comes Close" off there album of the same name. Cold Cave is from California and has been a favorite of mine to listen to. They have more of a synthized techno sound but i love this bands sound. There lyrics are cryptic and poetic i can't say enough good things about this band. Love there music and they have alot of other really good material you have to check out if you like this sample of there work. Thanks for checking out the post and song hope you like it.


Can I ask something? Are you a whale :) I am new on Steemit.

No not a whale 😊. I've been delegated money to help with my account, and other accounts with good content here on steemit that might need help thats just starting out like yourself. Or accounts with talented people that i follow here on steemit that i can help support.

Wow, sir, you're a very good person. Maybe you are not a whale but you can be an angel :) Have people like you stayed in this world? I was very touched.

Well thank you thats very kind words i appreciate that @photo.lover .

The clip was too dark. I think it's an old song. But the rhythm is very good. Thank you

This song was released in 2009 i think they wanted the video to look like old home video footage thats why its alittle dark. But the song is really good thanks.

hmm now I know why. Yes the song is really good. I thanks to you

It was a song for me. Liked it very much. Thank you

The song is good but the music is more good :)

Good song, i like it.

I'm glad you liked it thanks.

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