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There are moments here where it feels like a hurdy-gurdy is being dragged into modernity. Interesting stuff!


thanks a lot my friend))

Is the guitar a synth?


Does it matter?))

I was waiting for the Guitar to Gasm anytime there? haha interesting stuff, just not what I expected based on your title at all.
More like RevSynthSpaceGasm \m/

This would be killer with a fat four on that floor 808 Kick with some snappy hats and a punchy snare and a pulsing droning bass behind your sidechained synth and then you would have a BANGER of a tech-tune, reminiscent of Kraftwerk!

Or if you are planning to bring Huge Distorted Guitars in this would make for a cool spacey intro track before bring the choas down from above in the form of Guitar Ecstasy \m/

Just saying that you are going to get loads of guitar players coming here and they are usually quite purist about their instrument so it may come across as a little bit of a disappointment if they don't get to hear a guitar at all....

Rad Space Vibe though.


heh) I've been playing guitar for 18 years and I find this sound satisfactory


Pretty awesome that you created a synth-style sound with guitar though \m/ There's some cool repeated phrases there too!

Just so difficult to resist the temptation of wanting to add more layers when it is so sparce, could literally go anywhere :)

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