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RE: Arch Enemy: Incredible melodic death metal band with female singer

in #music3 years ago (edited)

I wish I can be that rude in correcting you... Lol
But I don't know the correct spelling of the name either... Lol
So I stick to your spelling (Angela Gossow),I hope somebody bail us out here... Lol

How can you correct what you don't know it's wrong 🙈🙈🙈

I will try and see their video when I got home , you are not the only one to enjoy their talents...

Thanks as always


your well-thought-out comments always make me smile pal. Have a great day.

Thanks for the compliment sir, it's better not to do it than to do it anyhow.
That's my motto when it comes to commenting and posting.

I'm glad my style of commenting gives you that joy. Your heart for people is something I would like to copy too.