Edge of Eden

in #music6 years ago

You should arise
Eden is burning
What have you done?
Bidding your time
With serpents and lies
Speak to me of lust and
Other such inequities
Boredom and wine
Ripe from the vine
Your petals in autumn
Hips swaying in time
A temptress divine
Your rhythm’s not mine
Could you decide?
You should
Broken, mirrors
Reflections, falter
Nothing, alters
The burdens of a coward
A streak of shame
That devours
Endless hours
Waiting, pacing
Thoughts still
the peace bestowed
is more than owed
your eyes don’t show the debt
false words foretelling
harsh words for yelling
abandon me until dawn
the weight of failure
drags me down
further than I cared to be
the empty
shell that’s left
a mockery of everything
I dreamt you’d need
Broken mirrors
Reflections falter
Nothing alters
The burdens of a coward
A streak of shame
That devours
Endless hours
Waiting pacing
Thoughts still
I’ve lain broken
At your feet
More times than memory allows
A cold conscience
Has done this to us
Those downcast eyes have stole my pride
For the last time, just know
This is the instant,
That we die
You rode dawn through the door
Skin stained flush
Your flesh a monument
To your unchecked lust
Leave me
Torn and tattered
Broken shattered
On my knees
Broken Mirrors
Reflections, falter
Nothing alters
The burdens of a coward
A streak of shame that devours
Endless hours
Waiting, pacing
Thoughts still racing

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