The campaign continues! - Our Vict'ry Due (ORIGINAL SONG)

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The way forward will lead to glorious victory....

Clintok Aulorian knew now, if he hadn't before, that the opportunities that he had prayed for would be ample on the road ahead. Before they were finished, a whole new government aparatus would be needed, and who better to fill the void left than present company....

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@ecoinstant learns that winking in photographs looks weird...

After a minor but rotund victory over a demon who tried to deal, our heroes prepare themselves for an even greater threat. But there is just enough time to pen a few verses of a new ballad. As it becomes clearer that what we are doing is straight up rebellion in a time when naysayers are being executed, I tried to parse the vocabulary of this song in such a way that it would not be immediately clear which side was being praised.

Upon first listening, it is most likely that the listener would come away with only the last verse, and could potentially be convinced that this is a pro-establishment song. But of course, upon further inspection, we see that it can't quite be that way. A rich Kintargan culture, shining like a jewel in the crown of sublime Cheliax is only possible if it is allowed to flourish with the free trade of its roots, not subjugated by centralized authority.

Have a listen!


A start to a fine adventure,
a mystery to pursue,
a quest of untold knowledge,
an enemy to undo.
We love our fine Kintargo
and we shall see her through
as we bask in all the glory
to our vict'ry due.

Our vict'ry due
ordained from above
read from the portends
and send by a dove.

Those that want to change us,
the prevailing minds;
A rich Kintargan culture
Oh Cheliax sublime.
We cannot be deterred now,
the enemy will find
our resolve is iron
and reaches across time.

Our vict'ry due,
the gods do tell,
those that resist us
t'will be their death knell.

A secret resistance
can't hold out for long
to the forefront twill surface
and the secret is gone.
For those that would ponder
standing with the side wrong,
a warning is issued
pay heed to my song.

Our vict'ry due
ordained from above
read from the portends
and sent by a dove.

Love and Light to All! Blessings to all who would throw off shackles, especially those that are self imposed!

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Three listenings later and I feel like this might be leading me into a full-blown fantasy series you're writing... are you? Say you are! That would be amazing :)

I like your voice... there's something very courtly about it (and yes... winking in photos does look a tad weird... but you seem to be able to make it work :) )
E x

Hehehehe! Well, we are playing a guide aided campaign called 'Hell's Rebels', so much of the world is actually from Golarion Pathfinder world. But since my character is a noble poet, he likes to write songs about our adventures...

I guess Its creativity within this fantasy world that makes it seem so expansive, thank you so much for taken the time to listen :)