Zajman - Answer | trap / hybrid

in music •  9 months ago

Hi! this song has a bit of history behind it,
it was made to show a former friend of mine who creates his music around cookie-cutter ready loops/samples how easy someone can create a quality production out of lego blocks.

This one was made maybe in like an hour, purely out of loops i have bought on, of course with some effects etc from me, but yeah it souds great is original but i made it with low-effort loops . this is the only song i have ever made in my life that is based on ready-loops.

I just made this to mock that guy and show him how easy it is to do what he does, and how childish he is.

altho it was fun to make a better song than he ever did with using his own lego-blocks method.

cheers , and don't use ready loops for 100% of your song kids :D

loops are bad, mkay?

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Loops or not. This is sick.