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The results are in. 

@OMEGARIFT has taken down the inaugural round of BARS OF THE OPERATOR.

With a strong showing, clear production and start to finish intensity, @omegarift has claimed the title on the first "BARS OF THE OPERATOR" challenge. His interpretation, "Fertile" can be found on Soundcloud. Really impressed with the hustle shown here, as @omegarift is pretty new to Steemit. I think the 50 SBD first prize is going to help kickstart his journey into the space. Fine work.

Runner up: @yusaymon

I know I said winner take all, but I was so impressed with the creativity of @yusaymon 's interpretation and lyrical fortitude that a spontaneous 10 SBD second place prize sprang into existence. @Yusaymon has been around the Steemit Open Mic  and beat battle scene for awhile and his presence in this contest was a privilege. 

My sincerest thanks to all entrants. It was a blast hearing your interpretations. This will definitely not be the last round of BARS OF THE OPERATOR!

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Good turn out!!! Congrats to @omegarift and @yusaymon, well done!!!


Gratifying stuff. Hope all is well in your world and the studio buildout is going smooth!


Alsmost done, check out my dlive in a month for perfo from my new playground. Join ONO today. dm Julia if you have questions or need a code to get in.


Ty! Vache :D

Grateful @drumoperator! it´s an honor! :3 and a big surprise

wow this was an awesome challenge. Looking forward to more of these for sure. Loving the passion from @omegarift. He has a new follower.

Hi @drumoperator,
RAP is awesome... Congrats to @yusaymon and @omegarift.

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rap is my favourite