"Old Town Road" (Loop Pedal Cover)

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I love this tune! So much fun to play and I don't care if it's country, rap, pop or all three - it's fun and doesn't take itself seriously.

I hope this song brightens your day and sweetens your life

Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician,


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Hi drewsmusic,

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Fucking Awesome performance. Damn!!!

Loved it big time. You are a talent.

Keep up the good work @drewsmusic.

Following you instantly. Wanna see more of your shits 😉

As a person have a crush on guitar I had to stop by here @drewmusic !
I think you have chosen a perfect name for this song!
Although the background beat really gives me feeling of a train passing by...
It reminds me of old western movies, wooden stations, and old trains...
And a road alongside the railway...
It's calming and relaxing!
Thanks for sharing this piece of your heart!

Thanks yo! it's actually a song by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus ;D

So thank you for pouring your heart on Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus song!

VERY GREAT SOUND!! keep on :-))

Support and encourage steemiens who tries to bring their talent and expose it to this media. So you won itself in it, and when it is acknowledged by curie you must believe that it have enough ingredient to feel it in the upper class category.

Every individual who is involved with music possess special talent, not every one can play instruments, I would like to play guitar and went to a coaching class for two day, though they opined I am having that in me to study it easy but I could not continue. So I always have respect to those people who plays well in instruments..

Great effort and loved it. Thank you

Amazing friend, he was powerful and very entertaining. I can congratulate you and say that your music is worth listening♡♡♡

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