Singing on a HUGE Stage - The Fillmore Detroit

in music •  2 years ago
So for the most part, I just play solo gigs where I bring a piano, guitar, and loop pedal. Every now and then though, I find some extra work singing for different cover bands around Detroit (Though I'm phasing this out because I like to be independent) It's hard to work with a big band! I find that the stress of it tends to take away from my enjoying the music :/ maybe I just need to work on that though. Anyway! This is a group called Blue Water Kings that has branches in every major city (like a chain) Which is strange at first, but it's pretty cool actually. There are no rehearsals, you just have to do your work before hand, then you show up to the gig (usually a wedding) and... do your best lol Definitely not for the feint of heart. It's basically "Rock Band" in real life haha Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician, drew
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Wow, I really liked this one. Your musical Vlogs are amazing, I started following you. =)
Cheers from Switzerland!
Feel free to check my Guitar's Artwork, maybe you’ll like it! <3