Por Una Cabeza (Piano Only)

in music •  4 months ago

I recorded this piece a few days ago. My plan is to collaborate with @kkarenmp who is an amazing violinist 🎻 and we can recreate the complete composition. This piece has been featured in several movies including “Scent of a Woman” back in 1992 featuring Al Pacino.

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Excellent stay, I hope soon to have the complete theme with your good work with the piano and with my violin accompanying him. Soon soon, thank you very much for your collaboration. Thank you very much


Awesome! Looking forward to hearing it.. and thank you!

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You should get a singer too! This is a classic Gardel :) Well done!

Its awesome work sir i am happy to see you again after many days.


Thank you!

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You are amazing artist and a great person who is down to earth even you are a rockstar.


Thank you! I’m not a rockstar though haha