Album Review #117: Time's Up (Living Colour)

in music •  5 months ago

Produced By ED STASIUM

  1. Time's Up
  2. History Lesson
  3. Pride
  4. Love Rears Its Ugly Head
  5. New Jack Theme
  6. Someone Like You
  7. Elvis Is Dead
  8. Type
  9. Information Overload
  10. Under Cover Of Darkness
  11. Ology
  12. Fight The Fight
  13. Tag Team Partners
  14. Solace Of You
  15. This Is The Life

Don't let the one hit wonder status of Living Colour fool you...Jimi Hendrix is a one hit wonder, too. After the huge success of their debut album Vivid and it's monster hit "Cult Of Personality", they followed up with Time's Up. It's actually a better album, and the best in the band's catalog. Vernon Reid is maybe the unsung guitar hero of the period, and Corey Glover is a bad ass on the vocals. "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" should have been a hit, and excellent tracks like "Elvis Is Dead", "Type", and "Fight The Fight" make it a solid album.

Living Colour broke up in the mid 90's, but they have come back since. They never matched their first 2 albums, though. This one is well worth having.

This is album #117 in an ongoing series.

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Great review @dinoromanelli! If you're ever interested in reviewing independent/emerging artists at ForTheLoveOfBands and/or curate playlists, let me (Roel#4485 @ Discord) know. We get hundreds of talented submissions each month :-)


Absolutely! As you can see, this one is number 117 so far. I try to do at least one per day, and I'd love to find a place where there's exposure...always better to write for more than just to yourself! Thank you...I will find you at discord!


Thank you! I hope you do find my reviews helpful. I try to do one per day, so I'm sure you'll find some stuff to your liking!