Clinic-Fm: Thankful Thursday #5 and Curation Day #1

in music •  11 months ago
Hi steemians. It's another Thursday to be thankful.
Tonight we have a lot of awesome stuffs lined up for tonight's show. We sure do smiling-face-with-open-mouth-and-smiling-eyes_1f604.png
1st we have on the list is
* Interviewing members of the AIR-CLINIC OUTREACH FOUNDATION (A Sub-arm of #AIR-CLINIC) @magdnrobinson, @gidionline @xressng & @jeline about their outreach experience on cancer awareness.
* We also have today's topic which is more like a question "What motivational quote or music keeps you going?" This topic came as an inspiration from reading @hopehuggs blog post today
* We also will have our curation session where we get to upvote/curate your recent works so long as you follow the rules here
While all this is going on we would be listening to motivating and reassuring music in line with today's topic
Here's a musical sneak peak of music type you will be listening to tonight.

I love my life by Robbie Williams official Music Video from Youtube
Come Join us tonight at @air-clinic's discord channel by 8:00pm ( G.M.T+1 )

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You are busy,aren't you?

This is beautiful dear 😀😀😀

Wow...I'm expectant already. Let the show begin! 😁

@cwen my crush on fm radio, never knew about the curation stuff. You just made the world a better place for me


Awww. You are wAIRcome o! That's why we are family.


Awww. You are wAIRcome o! That's why we are family.

Short and sweet description of how we spend the time in #air-clinic. Awesome.

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