Music at the School: The Fame of Angklung

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Hi, all of you guys, the happy Steemians! How are you doing? Hopefully everyone is in good condition. Some of you are preparing for your next post, aren't you?'s nice to see you again in this platform.

By the way, anyone of you like to play music instruments? Can you play Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, or other musical instrument like Angklung? Have you ever heard about Angklung? Yupp..It's a traditional musical instrument from West Java, Indonesia. It's made of bamboo tubes. Javanese plays Angklung at important celebration such as to honor the goddess of fertility, who bless their land and lives.


Next, Angklung becomes well-known musical instrument in the world since UNESCO officially recognized it as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in November 18, 2010. Many people around the world then are interested to learn and to play Angklung in any occasion. Watch one of the following videos about how foreigners learn and play Angklung in Brussels.


On this occasion, I also excitedly share about one of our students' favorite extracurricular activity at school, that is playing the musical instruments. They are Guitar and Angklung. There are some of our students who have good talent in playing guitar as well as playing Angklung. What makes they are so special is the collaboration between the modern musical instrument, guitar, and the traditional one, Angklung. Here I share their photos when they performed at school events.

angklung gradu.JPG


Last Monday, on 6th August 2018, our student presented Angklung performance at 'RRI Goes to School' program. RRI Pro 2 is one of a well-known radio broadcast located in our town, Lhokseumawe. And today, on 11th August 2018, they also performed "Hymne Guru" Song in front of all parents who came to the school for following Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) program. Let's take a look to the following video, and enjoy their performance.

That's all I can share today. Hopefully you are guys interested to try playing Angklung too someday.
See you in the next writing.

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Saya pernah dua kali mengisi acara diskusi kepenulisan di ruang musik Sekolah Sukma. Kagum bahwa sekolah zaman sekarang juga menyediakan alat musik bagi anak didik. Dulu, alat musik dibuat sendiri, misalnya seruling.

Menguasai satu alat musik sangat membantu proses kreatif anak didik dan mengasah cita rasa seni dalam jiwanya.

Ya alhamdulillah, sekolah kami sudah dapat memfasilitasi anak yang memiliki bakat seni khususnya dalam memainkan alat musik gitar, keyboard, dan angklung. Tapi kita juga punya Rapai dan klub nya bg @ayijufridar agar di dunia se-modern apapun mereka tetap kenal dengan budaya mereka sendiri.
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